A Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Employee Spotlight: Johnny Alsurakhi

A Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Employee Spotlight: Johnny Alsurakhi

Salesman Johnny Alsurakhi of Highland’s Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM believes good and reliable employee delivers quality customer service and operates with this mindset. His outgoing, positive philosophy as an employee and as an individual drives him to do the best he possibly can every day.

“Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM is a well-established business that really cares for its employees and customers,” said Alsurakhi. “I love working here because everyone is friendly, and the environment is energetic.”

Alsurakhi stated that his father worked in the automobile industry for nearly 40 years, and even worked at Thomas Dodge for a period of time. He has always been interested in selling cars, and about a year ago, he decided to pursue a career in selling new cars at Thomas Dodge.

To attune his mindset and personality to a salesman-centric mentality, he explained that he taught himself to take things slow and be open-minded to others.

“I’ve learned that one of the best traits a salesperson can have is good listening skills,” Alsurakhi said. “In the position, hearing what the customer has to say and being an honest employee are important for success.”

For Alsurakhi, being open-minded and positive are key to being a successful and happy salesperson. It is also an incredibly proactive way to get involved with customers and establish a positive relationship.

“Creating healthy relationships with both my customers and my co-workers really puts my job as a salesman into perspective,” Alsurakhi said.  “As for me, I would describe myself as calm, relaxed, and patient. When you are this kind of employee, customers and co-workers alike find you approachable and easy to talk to.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has not negatively affected Alsurakhi in any way. On the contrary, he stated that the increasing demand for vehicles during this time has only strengthened his skills and further developed his salesperson mindset.

“I’m really happy to be where I am at today,” Alsurakhi said. “During these troubling times, my plan is stay committed to my job, co-workers, and my family. It is a mentally healthy way to approach things. Be happy and positive and live your life the way you want to.”