A Residential Clinical Services Employee Spotlight: Ashlee Oliver

A Residential Clinical Services Employee Spotlight: Ashlee Oliver

Since January of 2015, Ashlee Oliver has been the Director of Nursing for Residential Clinical Services. With an attitude that manages to fuse pragmatic efficiency with genuine compassion, Ashlee Oliver is the perfect example of an RCS team member.

Oliver oversees all of the clinical day-to-day operations of RCS. She also ensures agency compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as manages all quality assurance and performance improvement initiatives.

While her title comes with a lot of responsibility, Oliver is more than suited for the role. A mother of three, Oliver thrives within the confines RCS’s core values.

“My favorite thing about working at RCS is that we are one hundred percent committed to our patients and their families,” Oliver said.

RCS is dedicated to making the transition from hospital to home as manageable as possible, and that’s something Oliver and her nursing staff account for with every patient. Not only do they pride themselves on their efficiency, but also their bedside manner.

“We work so very hard to improve the health and wellness of our surrounding community, and our staff is always going above and beyond to make sure our patients' needs are met,” Oliver said.

In order to provide excellent care, a medical community needs an excellent team. Excellent teams are happy ones, and Oliver made it clear that another reason RCS is such a joy to work for stems from the closeness of its staff members.

“Our staff treats one another like family,” Oliver said. “We rely on each other during and outside of work hours. No matter what, we always know that we can count on one another.”

Oliver can personally attest to the RCS staff’s devotion to supporting one another. After having her third child in September of 2016, Oliver experienced some anxiety over her imminent return to the workplace. Worries were soon assuaged once she was met with the consideration of her coworkers.

“I was reluctant and nervous to return to work, but Dr. Ahmed and the rest of the RCS staff made my transition so smooth and were so accommodating,” said Oliver. “That is something I will never forget. I will always feel grateful for such a supportive work family.”

Outside of work, Oliver’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her actual family. Penny Jean, baby number three, is now over a year old; then there’s Alivia, who is eleven, and Evan, who is Eight. Oliver and her husband have their hands full most of the time, but Oliver tries to make time for herself when she’s able.

When she dedicates some time to herself, it’s often spent traveling, reading, or running. Sometimes, a combination of all three.

“I’m running in the West Yellowstone Half Marathon this year,” Oliver revealed.

The marathon takes place on June 9th. Hopefully, Oliver will get some light reading squeezed in on the trip. With all of her hard work, she deserves a moment off of her feet.