A Purdue Federal Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Krystina Ramirez

A Purdue Federal Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Krystina Ramirez

Since 1969, Purdue Federal Credit Union (Purdue Federal) has had one mission in mind, to help their members. No one perfectly exemplifies the helping, caring nature of Purdue Federal Credit Union quite like Krystina Ramirez. Ramirez, a sales manager at the 113th & Broadway Branch in Crown Point, has always cared about helping others.

Ramirez grew up on the southeast side of Chicago, and has been a Munster resident for 12 years. She describes herself as a “city girl,” and came to Purdue Federal seeking a change of pace from the chaos of Chicago.

“I looked at Purdue Federal Credit Union’s values as an organization, the way they are entwined with the community, and they lined up with what I wanted to do with my life,” Ramirez said. “I am able to build relationships with my members that I wasn’t able to in Chicago.”

Ramirez joined Purdue Federal a year ago, and leads a team of five as they help members wade the uneasy financial waters the pandemic has left in its wake.

“This year was a little different because of COVID-19,” Ramirez said. “We’ve had to adjust how we interact with and serve our members to ensure everyone’s safety. Luckily a lot of my member interactions can be done over the phone or through email, but it isn’t the same as meeting one-on-one.”

Ramirez felt that she could slow down, and take the time to build trust with her members.

“When I talk to a member at Purdue Federal Credit Union, I feel like I can slow down. I can take that extra 10 minutes to build a relationship with them. Whereas when I was in Chicago, there were so many customers coming in and out, you couldn’t even say ‘hello’ to them.”

Ramirez has also volunteered for various organizations, including Lakeshore PAWS, the Northwest Indiana Food Bank, and various women’s shelters in the Region.

“I really appreciate that they (Purdue Federal) give us paid time off for volunteer work. A wonderful thing about Purdue Federal is that they are so passionate about the community, and they want to give back to the community,” Ramirez said.

Her passion for volunteering in her community lies with giving her time to the NWI Foodbank.  

“I am amazed by the logistics of the food banks. How they sort through all the food, and how they help those in need. No one should go hungry, and it’s a sad thing to think about, but they definitely make a noticeable difference in the community.”

The greatest feature of Purdue Federal is the welcoming environment that their branches provide.

“I love that we still have the feeling of a small institution, but we’re large enough to get things done,” Ramirez said. “Everyone, from our CEO to our regional managers, and down to our member consultants are very welcoming. This is a family environment, and we all will do our best to find a solution to whatever problem our members have.”

Purdue Federal offers free credit counseling, and an understanding atmosphere for members. Ramirez and her team are at their best when working together to help members better understand their finances.

“We invest a lot of time in our digital platforms, and we always have our members’ best interest in mind. So if a college student comes in asking about their loans, we’re 100 percent committed to giving them the best information possible,” Ramirez said.

If you are interested in financial services from Purdue Federal Credit Union, visit their website at www.purduefed.com.