A NWI Life in the Spotlight: Peyton Walter

A NWI Life in the Spotlight: Peyton Walter

Peyton Walter grew up both in Hebron, IN, and Cedar Lake, IN, and currently, he attends Hebron High School.. Walter is a junior in high school and plans to continue his musician career after graduation next year. 

Walter currently has a traditional part-time job as a busser at Square Roots restaurant in Crown Point. Walter’s other part-time occupation is being the lead guitarist in an AC/DC tribute band titled ‘Bonfire’.

Since the age of seven, Walter has been infatuated with guitars. The song that completely caught Walter’s interest in becoming a guitarist was the song ‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC. 

“I just remember watching the music video to the song 'Back in Black' and realized that I wanted to be doing that. After hearing that song by AC/DC I started watching videos of their live performances, I instantly fell in love,” said Walter. 

Walter’s inclusion in the tribute band Bonfire started last October when the band found one of Walter’s videos of him playing the 'Star Spangled Banner' for his school. Bonfire then asked Walter to a rehearsal and history was made. 

In the band, Walter is the youngest member but, because of that, he resembles some characteristics of the original band members, and said its a very high honor. 

“It’s a really cool experience because the original AC/DC lead guitarist (Angus Young) always had the persona of a young schoolboy, I fit that role pretty well. It’s also an eye-opening experience, the guys give me a lot of advice in the music industry dos and don’ts; they look out for me and it’s nice. Also, I’ve been waiting for so long to be a part of a band,” Walter said. 

On the instance of school function performances and concerts, Walter has started to add quite a few to his resume. In the past few years, Walter has performed the 'Star Spangled Banner' for his school three times and once held a karaoke function for his school pep rally. More recently, Walter has put on concerts with his new band twice and played the guitar as an advertisement for his band’s then-upcoming concert on 89.1.

Walter was able to get his start performing at his school due to one of his teachers realizing his potential. Going from a school gymnasium to a live and packed audience, Walter has no trouble performing and finds the activity itself to be quite exhilarating. 

One of Bonfire’s more recent concerts was about a month ago, February 19, and was at the Hobart Art Theater. For Walter, this concert was super amazing due to the great energy of the venue and the fans. Also at that concert, Walter got to open the set with AC/DC’s song 'Thunderstruck' and he found that moment of spotlight to be so magical that it gave him goosebumps. 

The song 'Thunderstruck' not only now gives Walter memories of one of his first band performances, but also fonder memories due to it also being his favorite song to play on the guitar. 

“'Thunderstruck' is my favorite song to play on the guitar because it’s just so iconic, it's been in so many movies,” Walter said. 

Aside from being a student by day and a busser/rocker by night, Walter has a big passion for classic cars, Slash, the infamous guitarist, and the 80s band Guns and Roses. 

Be sure to check out Bonfire’s upcoming performances in the Region on March 26 and May 14; and for more information on the band, visit their Facebook page here.