A Northwest Indiana Life In the Spotlight: Vinnie Adams

A Northwest Indiana Life In the Spotlight: Vinnie Adams

Vinnie Adams is a Ministry Director of Special Needs and Worship Leader at Faith Church. Located in Dyer, Indiana, Adams has demonstrated the positive effects of opening one's heart to those who need it most and through this positive actions, proves to be a worthy addition to this edition of Lives in the Spotlight.

Growing up in Wisconsin through his high school years, Adams ended up choosing Trinity Christian College where he earned a degree in special education.

"I was very interested in special education from the get-go," says Adams. "It's a part of my family history. Both of my parents worked at a group home that hosted individuals with developmental disabilities. We even took in one of the individuals from the group home at one point. This all played a big part of shaping and molding my passion."

Adams' passion also came through his cousin and sister. His cousin lives with Williams Syndrome and his sister works with children with disabilities in Nicaragua.

"My passion for helping others with disabilities continued from my time with my family my time at Trinity where I studied for two years for special education. I also taught for two years and it was during my second year teaching that I was connected with Faith Church in Dyer. The leaders there wanted to do more teaching with special needs students."

It is here that Adams eventually transitioned out of a teaching role and into a leadership one. It was during this time where Adams worked with the kids that he noticed something that moved him to action.

"I noticed and heard that special needs children and their parents often had a difficult time fitting in during worship service," says Adams. "Even during kids ministry, they would often require that the parents be near their children. I wanted to find a solution to this; I wanted to find out what we could do to reach special needs children and families and make them feel welcome on Sundays."

Due to this desire to help others, Adams currently is with a program designed to help both special needs children and their parents. With over 180 volunteers serving over 50 families, Adams' vision of reaching out has been fulfilled in a way felt by many.

"We have several things designed to help both the kids and parents feel more comfortable," says Adams. "We hold quarterly specials for teens and adults that are social nights. We basically have an all night party with food and dancing. We also hold a monthly respite program for parents where for three hours a day, once a month, they can drop off their children at church and rest for a period of time with no strings attached. They can relax, run errands, do whatever they want to- our volunteer staff takes care of the kids."

For Adams, seeing a large number of volunteers come together to support those in need is a daily inspiration.

"It's a beautiful thing," says Adams. "I didn't know so many would come out of the woodwork. They are passionate and treat others as people, not as people with disabilities. It truly is a blessing."

Adams takes the opportunity given to him and turns each day into something meaningful. Through his time at Faith Church, he has seen the beauty and compassion that humanity offers every day.

"To me, doing what we're doing is so biblical," says Adams. "Reaching out and helping those in the community that others have rejected is what Jesus would have done. We're able to be part of a community to show how much these people matter and to show that people can naturally gravitate towards those who need it most. It's just beautiful."