A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Victoria Beasley

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Victoria Beasley
By: Sergei Ganz Last Updated: September 9, 2020

Founder of 2x2 Rescue, Victoria Beasley is a person that is overflowing with love for animals. Beasley and her partner Tara opened the nonprofit in 2012 after working for animal control for a few years. 2x2 Rescue is focused on saving animals from bad situations, rehabilitating these animals, and finding them amazing owners that will welcome them into the family with open arms. 

“There are entirely too many overlooked animals in shelters.” Beasley said “There are too many animals that do not receive proper training, vet care, or socialization.”

Beasley saw this problem and pounced onto a solution. She worked vigorously and passionately to solve the problem and create her nonprofit. After opening 2x2 Rescue, she realized that she wasn't only helping animals find amazing owners, but also found that this is what she truly loves to do.

“My job is the thing that makes me truly happy,” Beasley said.

Victoria is constantly on the look out for animals in need, rehabilitating, spaying/neutering, and finding owners for these animals. For Beasley, it has been extremely gratifying to see all of the work she does become worth it when she sees an animal that had a rough start in life find a great home.

Beasley, however, is also very particular about adopters. She turns down people if she believes they are not suitable to adopt an animal for various reasons. All she wants is the best home she can find for her animals in need. 

“We are not in this for the money, we do not hand out our pets to the first person that applies, or produces a check.” Beasley says. “Our goal is to find the best match for our adoptables.”

Beasley makes it her duty to educate the public on pet care. Some of her key topics she focuses on is the importance of spaying/neutering and responsible pet ownership. 

“By spaying/neutering we are being responsible for the future of our pet and not adding to the unwanted pet population,” Beasley said.

When Beasley is not helping to save the lives of animals, she enjoys spending even more time with animals. She does this by taking dogs for swims or walking them to their heart’s desires. Beasley also enjoys exploring new wineries in her area when she has the opportunity.

Beasley is thankful for all the support she receives for what she is doing. She is thankful for the adopters, sponsors, volunteers, and fosters. She is also grateful for her partner Tara, who has been with Victoria since the beginning and helped create the dream that is 2x2 Rescue.