A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Tony Pagorek

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Tony Pagorek

This week’s NWI Life in the Spotlight is the multi-talented Tony Pagorek of Andrean High School and the lead singer of the popular Chicagoland alternative band Oceans Over Airplanes. Tony, the father of two girls Audrey (7) and Caroline (5) and husband to fellow Andrean Alum Katy, has had a passion for music since his days of walking the halls as an Andrean student himself.

During his day job, Tony is the assistant athletic director for Andrean, as well as a coach for both soccer and wrestling. He started at the school in 2004 fresh out of college, but over the years has moved his way through the ranks to find a position and place in the school that is fitting to his talents as both a role model and leader. Pagorek says that he fell in love with his alma matter back in his high school days, and has continued to appreciate what the school has to offer to both students and faculty. “Father Quanz made Andrean what it is today, he made it a place that you could groom to work for your own personal needs because of all the options that are provided. You’re able to make the experience what you want.” Pagorek went on to say that he feels that through his involvement in the theatre department, music, athletics, and teaching positions he has been able to find the right place for him at Andrean. Pagorek is on the faculty advisory committee and has also been involved in the past three senior retreats where since taking on the athletic director position and no longer teaching in the classroom he is able to, “get to know the kids in different setting, as well as get to know those who may not be involved in sports and make those important connections”.

As the lead singer of Oceans Over Airplanes Tony is able to follow his dreams of a career in music. With his loyal wife Katy by his side, and his incredibly talented band members Pagorek is excited to see where the band will go. Currently they are in the process of working on a new single “Traditions” at a local recording studio which will be released soon. The band has been playing all over Chicago at the staple venues such as the House of Blues and Metro. Their last single “A Game” was even featured on Chicago’s XRT radio station. “Finding a balance between work, touring, family, and important moments in life” are what keeps Pagorek going. He credits his wife for complete support since day one of his passion for music and goal to be signed with a major record label one day. “Katy is quick to remind me why this is so important and more importantly wants me to keep going”.

Tony and his family have made their home in Crown Point, living within walking distance of the square he and his family have enjoyed all the benefits of living so close to town. “The charm of the city, the great people, the direction the city is going in, and the small businesses”, are what Pagorek and his family enjoy most of all. In his free time, you can find Pagorek and his family dining at the numerous restaurant options and checking out the small business that Crown Point has to offer. He and his wife have lived there for twelve years now, and plan to continue enjoying our community for many more years to come.

To check out Oceans Over Airplanes and find out about upcoming concerts go to: https://www.reverbnation.com/oceansoverairplanes

Or you can find them on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/oceansoverairplanes