A Northwest Indiana Life In The Spotlight: Stacia Bolakowski

A Northwest Indiana Life In The Spotlight: Stacia Bolakowski

Stacia Bolakowski is carried strongly by her faith and passion for teaching, and this is reflected by her decades of interacting with and inspiring countless talented individuals. Currently working as the campus minister at Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond, Bolakowski has been an educator and school administrator since 1989. In addition, she is the director of religious education at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wanatah.

Shortly after graduating from Ball State University, Bolakowski taught English and journalism at Knox High School for 13 years, followed by going to Andrean High School in Merrillville to teach theology, leading her to where she is at today.

“I don’t consider my job a career in the traditional sense, but more as a vocation,” Bolakowski said. “It’s something that I believe that God has called me to do, and I bring a high level of positivity. I always encourage my students and colleagues to try to see things through an optimistic lens. I bring Jesus and his teachings to everybody.”

Bolakowski stated that she was raised by two wonderful parents who instilled in her a positive outlook on life, and this positive outlook fuels a genuine passion for guiding others every day. From leading a retreat with students, helping the administration team with daily operations, and so on, she always tries to go about her day with a sense of prayer and gratitude.

“The most important thing I have learned from my experiences as an educator and administrator is that while I impart a lot of knowledge and information to others, I learn just as much from them as well,” Bolakowski explained. “Every day, I am amazed at the new perspectives and life lessons that I learn from interactions and conversations with students. If I can plant seeds of kindness and touch the hearts and souls of others, I feel that what I’m doing with my life is a success.”

Bolakowski also further explained that another valuable lesson she has learned in her years in the education field is that relationships are fundamentally important to have in life.

“Building and maintaining relationships helps us understand that we as individuals have more in common with each other than we realize,” Bolakowski stated. “Developing our connections with others and having a genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings is so important in our daily lives.”

In relation to her role in the education system, Bolakowski also touched upon how important it is to get involved in community service and helping others in even the simplest of ways. She believes the act of breaking out of one’s shell and cooperating with others towards common goals truly benefits the goodwill of humanity.

“Even after decades of experience, I’ve done some of my best work relatively recently and, so my passion for education and administration hasn’t diminished in the slightest,” Bolakowski explained. “I think that’s a testament to how much I truly enjoy my work and being a role model for younger people. I’m incredibly humbled.”

Bolakowski wanted to give a public shout out to all of her family, friends, colleagues, and students. They have always been there for her through thick and thin and have made her life experiences so valuable.