A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Patty Stovall

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Patty Stovall

Patty Stovall is a baker, and that makes her familiar with making something from basically nothing. She is a master at putting ingredients together to create a final product that blows people away – and that’s not just her cakes.

Stovall is a longtime Region resident, going back some thirty-odd years. She’s a mom, grandmother, and marketing/sales guru for Hasse Construction Company. She loves her 9 to 5, but around 8 years ago she stumbled into the world of baking after deciding to make a cake for her granddaughter’s birthday and it quickly became her passion. She started like all amateurs, learning from veterans and professionals, started visiting expos and other events and just last July, she starred in an episode of one of Netflix’s newest shows, “Sugar Rush.”

“She wanted a cake, and I have a background in and love art in all forms, so I thought ‘well I could do this’,” Stovall said. “It’s a big world and big industry, and I got pulled into it and learned how to do art cakes. High-end, sculpted, designer cake work. And it really became a passion for me because I love art, and this is an art form.”

When she first ventured out to cake shows, she started grabbing attention from veterans like the publisher of the international cake magazine, Cake Masters, who eventually tapped her as the U.S. representative for their staff. She owns Patty’s Cake Designs, and works closely with her business partner Blaque Shelton, owner of Black Rose Pastries in Gary.

“One of the things on my bucket list was being on a show on the Food Network or whatever else,” Stovall said. “My partner Blaque, he’s like my son, is a really good baker. So we tried out for ‘Sugar Rush’ and right off the bat we were accepted and filmed last year. It was an absolutely amazing experience.”

Not only was it fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience, the pair came out on top and won their episode’s $10,000 prize. They competed in timed baking challenges where the theme was fashion. Their creations impressed celebrity guest judge Betsy Johnson, who is famous for her feminine, embellished, often “over the top” designs. Their final design was an elaborate “cake dress” featuring ruffles and jewelry that would not look out of place on a runway. Despite the pressure of performing for television, Stovall never felt nervous about people seeing her work.

“I’m pretty confident in who I am and my skills,” she said. “Just knowing who I am, I’m a very business-type of person. I’m not so worried about what people see, it doesn’t really bother me. I compete across the country and put my work out there all the time, you just put it out there and do the best you can!”

Outside of baking, Stovall is very involved with the community, partly through her work. She is a member of different chambers around the Region, and having lived here for most of her adult life, she’s seen the growth the area has experienced.

“It’s quite amazing how the communities around the area are bonding together,” Stovall said. “That’s where I’m seeing things really improving. I think one of the huge strengths of our area is the collaboration between all the organizations and how they come together.”

Stovall’s life is guided by a pretty simple philosophy, and if there is one idea she could leave people with it would be gratitude.