A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Matt Glaros

Matt-GlarosHaving grown up in Northwest Indiana, Matt Glaros always has felt a sense of dedication to the community. Though, he left to attend college at the University of Denver and remained in Denver for a little while for work, working for Three Palms Alternative Investments. After about a year with the company, Glaros decided that working for a hedge fund was not the best fit for him. Glaros was thrilled at the opportunity to move back to the Region to be closer to his and his wife's family. With everyone so close, this is exactly where Glaros and his wife want to be.

"There are so many opportunities in Northwest Indiana. I think this community is such a great place to learn and grow," Glaros said. "However, family was the driving force for our return to the area. My wife and I felt a tremendous pull that led us home and we don't plan on ever leaving the Region."

When Glaros moved back to the area, he began working Employer Benefit Systems, his Dyer, Indiana based business. Then in 2014 EBS merged with HIA Insurance to form the Meyers Glaros Group. Currently, Glaros is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Meyers Glaros Group, in charge of building the company's presence and growing the business. He also handles the benefits part for small businesses, commercial insurance, and managing the individual insurances.

"My dad and Larry [Meyers] had free range to develop the business to make it look and run how they wanted," Glaros said. "Now, our dads are giving Jeff [Meyers] and I more leeway to develop and shape the business the way we see fit. It's so great to be able to work with my dad and the Meyers' and to have this opportunity to grow in the business world."

When he's not at work, Glaros devotes much of his free time to volunteer work in his community. He serves on several boards, including The Legacy Foundation, Valpo YMCA, and the Campagna Academy. He also sits on the Broker Advisory Committee for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, works with a young professionals' group, and helped ally support behind the South Shore Expansion.

"The biggest satisfaction, in the last six months or so, was working with the group for the South Shore Expansion – seeing the excitement behind the younger generation of volunteers in the area," Glaros said. "They see the bigger picture of it all. It's not about one town succeeding; it's about the entire area succeeding. It's about collaboration and the region as a whole. If the entire region succeeds, then everyone succeeds."

In what remains of his spare time, he enjoys skiing, travelling with his wife, and spending time with his their two little boys and newborn daughter.