A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Lizette Munoz

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Lizette Munoz

“Every day is a new day that brings in new opportunities. Don’t let something that happened yesterday affect the present.”

This is what Lizette Munoz had to say about teaching, especially in this time of a pandemic. As a math teacher at Whiting High School, Munoz serves the student community with a strong sense of compassion and empathy.

“Whiting High School is a place where everyone is willing to help each other,” Munoz said. “Right now, the faculty and staff are doing their best to ensure that the students are getting the education they need and offer support however they can.”

Munoz grew up in Whiting and attended George Rogers Clark High School. She then attended Indiana University Bloomington and earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education mathematics and a New Language license.

While in college, she had the opportunity to teach abroad and spent three months teaching English in Italy. Shortly after graduating, she was hired by Whiting High School and came back to the United States. She stated that she was welcomed with open arms at the high school. When the pandemic hit, it took Munoz a little time to adapt, but she managed.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was five years old, and I’ve always loved school,” Munoz said. “Math always came easily to me, so I felt this would be the perfect direction to go in as a teacher.”

Munoz stated that her experiences have taught her that the best trait a teacher can have is a strong connection with their students. Understanding what they are going through and being able to act as a role model for them is a blessing.

Munoz tries to smile as much as she can in order to instill a sense of positivity in the students. Her mindset when teaching is to be as positive as possible to show support for her students, especially when they are struggling. In order to be successful in her teaching, she wants to ensure the students’ well-being is being maintained.

“My experiences have taught me to never give up, even when times get tough,” Munoz said. “Things aren’t always going to go my way, and sometimes circumstances could be better, but I’m going to do the best that I can and learn from each experience to better myself. I always tell the students that I’m still learning things myself, and they like when I’m honest with them.”

Munoz concluded by stating her experiences as an instructor have been incredibly fulfilling.

“I often think about all of those students I have worked with, and when I see that I have made an impact on them, it feels rewarding as a teacher and as an individual.”