A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kyle Telechan

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kyle Telechan

“I love being able to capture a moment as truthfully as I can,” said Kyle Telechan, Post Tribute photojournalist, “I’ve had so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without journalism.”

Kyle’s career started at Portage High School, where he was the photo editor for their Pow Wow newspaper. After studying journalism at Indiana University Bloomington, he found his way back to Portage and built his life around his love of photography.

Among the opportunities his job has afforded him was a story at a library, where he explored their Makers’ Space and discovered 3D printers.

“It’s fun to learn how to design this stuff and have it physically in your hand an hour or two later.”

Kyle’s found use for his printer from the silly to the practical. When his friends agreed to eat Carolina Ghost peppers, the hottest in the world, Kyle scanned one, printed a few, and put them on trophies to hand out after their great feat.

“Yeah, you can print toys and fun stuff like that, but I’m not handy in the least, and I was able to print a bracket for a fan motor that I needed in my house. That’s the future.”

For Kyle, the future is rooted in the past.

“I do urban exploration where I go into buildings that have been left behind and document them. I took photos of the Masonic Temple in Hammond a few years back. It’s gone now, but I like to capture these places before no one can see them anymore.”

A process called photogrammetry allows Kyle to fuse his love for photography with emerging technology to capture these places and upload them to a computer which spits out a 3D model. “There’s so much history in these spots, and I’d like to capture them before they’re forgotten. That’s the main reason I do this.”

Check out Kyle’s work at cityeyesphoto.com