A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kristina Koliboski

Kristina-KoliboskiFor sixteen years of her life, Kristina Koliboski lived in East Chicago before attending college in Indianapolis. When she finished her time at college, she immediately moved back to the area, settling in Valparaiso, wanting to be closer to her family and the community in which she was raised.

"It was always my game plan to come back to the area," Koliboski said. "I didn't know when, how, or why, but I always knew I would come back here, and I took comfort in that. I absolutely love being so close to my friends and family for company and support."

Currently, Koliboski works as the Office Coordinator for the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, where she has been for the past year. After moving to Valpo from Indianapolis, while looking for full-time work, Koliboski found herself working at Lake County Government Center in Crown Point. Not long after, her dad heard of the opening at the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, because he had worked with the former president who had let him know about the opening.

The day she went in for her interview, she thought she was just going to be interviewing with the president of the Chamber when, in fact, she ended up having to interview with everyone from the office. They had wanted to make sure she would be a good fit with everyone working there at the time, and soon after she got the job. There was a lot of transition in the first couple of months with Koliboski coming in and the acting president leaving. Now that Koliboski has had the chance to settle in and get a routine going, she has begun taking on more and more responsibilities. Currently, she answers the phones, makes sure the office is in order, works with the volunteer committee to put together the New Teachers' Reception, helps with the summer seminar and many other events throughout the year, helps the marketing director, and makes sure all of their projects are well organized.

"I love interacting with my coworkers and our members," Koliboski said. "I have definitely learned a lot having to interact with different personalities. Being able to see their different needs and everything has taught me a lot, and influenced me to go back to school to get my Master in HR, and now I know where I want to go with my future."

In her spare time, Koliboski volunteers with the 8th grade reality store, sponsored by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce. She also enjoys going to the gym after work and spending as much time as she can with her friends and family. As of January 2015, she will begin taking classes for her Master's degree in HR.