A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kemon Holmes

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kemon Holmes

Kemon Holmes, also known as DJ Super, is a 17-year-old DJ currently in his senior year at Merrillville High School. Despite his young age, Holmes has already established a strong reputation and following across Northwest Indiana and beyond. 

Since he was little, Holmes’s father provided him with the confidence and motivation needed to succeed in the competitive world of music. 

He began his DJing journey at the early age of 14. Now this passion allows him to spread his musical talent to various venues and events across the Region. 

“I hope to keep gaining a larger following and become successful in my craft,” said Holmes. “I want to expand my talents past Northwest Indiana and eventually go worldwide. I always enjoy and also want to teach younger people because the current older generation is already telling us what needs to be done for us to become a great DJ. I want to make sure this keeps going.”

Starting his DJing career early in life has allowed Holmes to pick up a great deal of experience. He has performed at a variety of events, including weddings, quinceañeras, sweet 16s, and numerous school functions.

“I play the music that people can enjoy no matter what genre or year it came out,” said Holmes. “I still have some challenges because I am young, however, once I start playing most realize they are completely wrong about my expertise in music. I've had 60’s and 70’s music gigs where they were looking at me weirdly as if I was not going to perform well, and I ended up having an outstanding gig.”

Holmes does not limit himself to any specific genre. From R&B to country music, he brings energy and excitement to every event, tearing the roof off with his DJing skills.

“My favorite genre to DJ at the events is R&B,” said Holmes “I always love it when I come to R&B events people tell me, ‘Boy, what you know about that.’ I play hip-hop from ‘80s, ‘70s, ‘90s, 2000s, and present-day rap. I expand upon the same way for R&B, Pop Music, and even country music.”

Holmes plans to continue pursuing his DJ career after graduating from high school, turning his lifelong love into a professional endeavor. 

“After this, I graduate. I can have that full time to focus on DJing and putting together improvements on my craft,” said Holmes. “I would like to thank my high school because it built me and gave me opportunities as a DJ.”

Holmes also expresses his gratitude to his family for their unwavering support, which has been a big part of his journey and success as a DJ.

“I also want to extend a thank you personally to my family as I would not be able to do this without them,” said Holmes. “They are my number one support system as my mother, father, and grandparents always show support. Also, thank you to my supporters who share my videos of my products and to everyone else who continues to impact my life.” 

 If you want to see DJ Super in action or book him for an event, make sure to follow him on Instagram at @dj.super_ or on Facebook at DJ Super.