A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kayla Ooms

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kayla Ooms

The beauty of the Region is the way that it can lead so many people back who have been here before. Kayla Ooms has lived in a variety of places in Northwest Indiana and has always felt that this is her true home.

On top of living most of her life in Indiana, Ooms has resided a little bit across the country as well. This includes states such as Georgia, Illinois, and Ohio. 

She attended a plethora of different elementary schools, including a year of being homeschooled. Once she graduated from high school in 2016, she furthered her education at Indiana University Northwest. She received her bachelor’s degree in communications with a focus on public relations. 

It didn’t take long for Ooms to find her footing. She’s spent time as a social media and publishing manager since graduation. Today, she serves as the main social media specialist for Purdue University Northwest (PNW).

“I love being the voice for the University,” Ooms said. “It’s very fun and keeps me on my toes. The college life was something that I really missed after graduation, and I’m glad that I’ve been able to get back into it.”

Shortly after getting this position, Ooms decided she wanted to venture forward in her educational journey and receive her master’s degree at PNW.

“I get to be on campus for about 12 hours two days a week, with eight hours on the other days,” Ooms said. “Going to different events at the university and interacting with all the students is an awesome experience for me.”

While Ooms always knew she wanted to go for her master’s degree, she’s very appreciative of the doors that were opened for her to turn her hope into a reality at PNW.

“When I found this job opening, it felt like the next step that I needed for my career,” Ooms said. “I wanted to do something big and represent a large group of people. I’m going part-time to receive my master’s degree, but my goal is to continue helping out at the university and maybe move a little bit more into the marketing department as well.”

Through the twists and turns of continuously changing schools and moving around since she was a kid until a few years ago, Ooms has been able to absorb a lot of lessons along the way. If there’s one piece of advice she leans on the most, it’s staying open to what opportunities could present themselves.

“You never know what your career can bring you,” Ooms said. “Whether there’s a new skill or position, I’m always going to be prepared for what comes my way.”

In the future, Ooms is hopeful to travel as much as she can while still being with PNW. She plans to complete her educational journey when she receives her master’s degree. One of her favorite activities aside from work has been going to sporting events and trying new foods. The biggest part of her future that she is looking forward to is spending time with her husband and her soon-to-be firstborn child who is due later this year.