A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kara Komenich

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Kara Komenich
By: Andrew Redick Last Updated: March 18, 2020

Kara Komenich sees the city she loves and lives in through two sets of lenses – her own, and that of a camera.

Komenich was born and raised in Northwest Indiana, having lived in communities like Gary and Lake Station, and is now proud to call Hobart her home.

“This is a one of a kind town,” Komenich said.“I love the city and I love its people. There are so many great opportunities. I am here for life.”

Komenich owns a photograph studio in Lake Station and keeps busy with more than 750 sessions a year. She describes her work as jack of all trades: newborns, engagement, senior and maternity photos. All of her sessions lead to one specific goal.

“I want to try to capture the moments that people can't see,” Komenich said. “Photographs are something you can hold and cherish forever. They never fade.

Komenich did not arrive at photography as a career right away. She initially started as a medical student. While walking to class one day, she had a bit of an epiphany and decided it wasn’t for her. From there she went to work at Sears and JC Penney photo studios, and eventually opened her own.

“I felt like my creativity wasn’t being used to its potential,” Komenich said. “Photography is my driving force in my life, and I wanted to be able to offer that to people in my way.”

While she loves all her clients and sessions, a few challenge her – in a good way.

“Two-year-olds. No matter what you do they don't seem to be happy,” Komenich joked.

When she is not at the studio, Komenich gets as much family time as possible. Most of that family time involves traveling to various events, like sports for the kids. A camera is in tow.

“There is always a camera in my hand no matter where I am,” Komenich said. “There is always a memory to be had wherever you go and I want to make sure I capture it forever.”

Komenich and her husband also enjoy spending time with family and friends, particularly at their massive July 4th home party, where they’ve been known to welcome up to 100 guests.

“We like to go all out and show everyone a good time,” Komenich said.“We just grill out all day and night and have a great time. There is no other way I would rather spend that day.”