A Northwest Indiana Life In The Spotlight: Julie Trimble Hinchy

A Northwest Indiana Life In The Spotlight: Julie Trimble Hinchy

Taking it easy and enjoying life come easily to Julie Trimble Hinchy. Over the years, she’s learned not to take life too seriously and to make the best out of every situation.

From a young age, Hinchy knew that she wanted to be a hairstylist. She grew up in what her friends referred to as “the boonies” in Hobart near Deep River Park and attended Merrillville High School. After graduating, she trained at Excel Academies of Cosmetology and became a hair stylist.

“We were sitting at my aunt’s kitchen table and my cousin, who is 7 years older than me, asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. My cousin was in dental hygiene school and she hated it,” Hinchy said. “Without hesitation, I responded, ‘I’m going to do hair.’ I always loved going to the salon with my mom while she got her hair done by Ray, and hanging out with the ladies. I loved the smell of perms lingering in the air, and watching the whole transformation process and community of it all.”

Hinchy followed her heart to open her own studio in downtown Crown Point located in the Halls of Justice. She also freelance styles for weddings in Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Michigan, but she jokes that she’s always available for international travel as well.

“My career has kind of been a whirlwind. Since being licensed at 19, I’ve lived in 4 states. I took chances. Anytime I feel myself being stagnant in my life or career, I make a change,” Hinchy said. “I’ve never been afraid of change or taking a massive leap into the unknown. I trust myself and my instincts. Not every decision was successful, but I learned and grew from it. As all of my clients will tell you, they never know what I’m going to say is new.”

Giving back and helping others comes naturally to Hinchy, and she notes that it’s the small things that she can do that seem to have the most impact.

“No matter how rough you think you have it, someone else has bigger challenges than you,” Hinchy said. “I love to donate my services to someone who may not be able to have luxuries like a simple haircut. To some people, that’s a huge deal. The look on their faces and the gratitude they show towards a gesture that is easy for me to give is priceless. Spreading love takes so much less energy than hate! If we connect as a community and help each other out, we know someone always has our backs.”

Hinchy credits a long list of influential people, including family, bosses, coworkers, friends, and clients, who have helped shape her to be the person she is today. The way that these people had all had a part in mentoring Hinchy, whether it be through teaching, encouragement, laughter, love, or help, they’ve all made a lasting impact.

As Hinchy prepares for the birth of her baby girl on the way and takes care of her husband and son, she shares that she is ready for whatever challenges await her. When asked where she sees herself in the future, she is true to herself and shares that she is open to whatever possibilities are on the horizon.