A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Jean Lovasko

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Jean Lovasko

Jean Lovasko is a librarian in the purest sense. She has an undying love for reading and literature and puts that to good use in her role as librarian at Whiting High School. Not only are books great for students to cultivate their minds, but they also provide ways to connect with others.

“My true passion is reading, so I love instilling reading into the minds of children and getting a good book in their hands,” Lovasko said. “The best quality a librarian can have is a genuine love for reading and literature. A librarian should be able to read a variety of books and be able to connect them with students. They should have the knowledge of what kinds of books are out there and what might interest students.”

After receiving her degree in education in 1981, Lovasko began teaching at St. John the Baptist Catholic School for nine years. A few years later, she obtained a graduate degree in library sciences and accepted the Children’s Youth Services Librarian position at the Whiting Public Library. Eight years later, she decided to apply for the librarian position at Whiting High School.

Lovasko’s current role involves teaching three different classes, including a Career Exploration class that helps students learn about different career paths and get a feel for what they want to do in the future. Another class Lovasko teaches is a dual-credit education class through Indiana University for beginning teachers, where she teaches students how to teach and instills in them a love for education. In addition, she is involved in the Cadet Teachers program, which gives students hands-on training with teachers.

“In my years of being an educator and a librarian, I’ve learned that the fundamentals of teaching don’t change much over the years, but the landscape of education does,” Lovasko said. “It’s how we respond to changes like new developments in technology and staying consistent that matters.”

Lovasko describes the source of her motivation in her work as seeing young people grow and helping them in their lives. She enjoys teaching them and watching them experience learning more about themselves and others.

“Looking back, I really did accomplish a lot,” Lovasko said. “When I see past students of mine, I get a sense that I did help them, and that is such a satisfying feeling. If I helped in shaping them even just a little bit, then I am content.”