A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Hannah Sprinkle

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Hannah Sprinkle

Hannah Sprinkle serves as the treasurer for the Hobart Youth Softball Board. In her role, she is responsible for handling a wide range of financial duties for the organization. 

She is dedicated to helping contribute to the success and sustainability of the softball program.

Hobart softball has played a significant role in Sprinkle’s life for many years as she grew up playing the sport in the Hobart community. And now, as a mother, Sprinkle's involvement in the softball community has come full circle with her two children actively participating in the Hobart softball league.

“I am a Brickie which means I believe in purple and gold,” said Sprinkle. “I grew up playing for Hobart softball as a kid over a decade ago. Now I'm actually on my eighth season with my two daughters.”

The Hobart Youth Softball team is dedicated to creating a great environment for children, and Sprinkle is a passionate advocate for this mission.

“We teach the kids that when you invest in something, you can see growth,” said Sprinkle. “We want to help turn these young ladies into young women and help fulfill their dedication along with giving them a sense of pride and ownership in their career paths, families, and communities. Our organization wants to organize a youth program of softball that creates a sisterhood and everlasting friendships.”

Sprinkle has greatly supported the softball team through her efforts. One of her key projects has been the renovation of the facility.

“Currently, we are replacing our ripped-up bathroom walls and other items that have been neglected for years,” said Sprinkle. “The painters’ union offered to donate paint and labor to paint our buildings. I’m doing everything in my power to network and keep the ball rolling so upcoming goals can get accomplished.”

Despite being a small board, Sprinkle and her peers accomplish a great deal through their collective efforts. She emphasizes that her achievements are not solely her own, expressing deep appreciation for her board's contributions.

“We have a total of eight active board members,” said Sprinkle. “I perform my best, but I don't want to take all the credit because you know one person can't run everything. Being a mom and Hobart native has pushed me to not want to see anything in our town fail.”

Sprinkle joined the board last year, and with the combined efforts of the board, the softball team has grown by 45 girls in a single season. This is only the beginning as Sprinkle and the board have even more plans to enhance the softball program further.

“We want to get back to our glory days,” said Sprinkle. “Our goal is to get nice and safe equipment along with new bleachers as we are running on old items. And to establish a safe and friendly home environment for these girls like it was for me as a kid. I'm doing everything I can from grants to fundraisers, recruitment, and spreading the word that me and my current board care to invest for a great future.”

Sprinkle is currently in the midst of the season and is striving to support the young athletes and her children as they succeed on the field.