A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Hannah Greener

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Hannah Greener

Life can be overwhelming. But occasionally, we encounter people who make us feel incredibly happy. Those people who shine their light so bright that you can almost feel the warmth. Hannah Greener, a Hobart native, is one of those wonderful people.

Greener began her own business about six years ago. She is not simply a hair salon owner, but in her words, a professional people pleaser.

“What I ended up doing is building a salon in my house, so that I can keep my clients. I mean - my clients are my friends. I don’t even like calling them clients because they are almost family to me. I just love them so much. They are there for me through everything.”

Greener did not always have a passion for hair. That came later in life and she has been doing hair for 12 years. As a family-oriented person, she was looking for a career path that would help her be the best mom to her future children.

“I got a little studio in my house and it works out perfectly because I can make my own schedule. I schedule around nap time and my husband’s schedule - it works out great.”

Greener’s courage to open her own business allowed for her to be present with her three beautiful children, Grace, Samuel, and Tristan. She is expecting a fourth soon!

Greener may not have planned to do hair, but it is clear she has a natural passion for it.

“I never had a vision for people, I just look at them and they are already beautiful. If I can make you feel beautiful though, that’s all I want to do. So yeah, I do not look at myself as a hair stylist, I always say I am professional people pleaser.”

Greener has worked with clients who have their own personal struggles and the time they spend with her is a time they can let go of all the adversities they face in their daily lives.

Church is another place where Greener, her kids, and her husband, Cody can spend time with one another. Outside of work she is a Sunday school teacher at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hobart, and also is part of the choir.