A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Frank J. Mrvan

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Frank J. Mrvan

North Township Trustee, Frank Mrvan, utilizes his understanding of the second largest township in Indiana by giving his time and talents to further improve it. The primary function of the North Township Trustee’s Office is to provide Township Assistance to the less fortunate. They deal with every aspect of the township in order to help families and strengthen their community.

His wife of 22 years, Jane, and two children, Genevieve and Scarlett, have been alongside him throughout his time serving as Trustee. He notes that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the encouragement from his family, and the drive he admired in his father, Senator Frank Mrvan.

He believes his father’s complete dedication and love of his job is why he continually got the results he hoped for. It’s clear that Frank is on the same track, as his success as Trustee has only furthered his motto for life, that there is no greater good than helping someone overcome a challenge.

Frank Mrvan shares a quarterly newsletter to his township titled ‘Letters From Frank.’ In these he shares his evaluation of what’s happening in North Township, with a discussion that ranges from praising accomplishments to addressing areas that need improved. His motive comes from a passion within himself to discuss important issues that are happening in the area, with the people who are from that area. Frank Mrvan spoke about the opportunity his newsletter gives to the community.

“The column gives me an opportunity to broach topics and begin conversations in the community and that is always a good thing,” Mrvan said.

As the Trustee, Mrvan provides a perspective that is a community based, hands on approach. He serves people and provides information to and from the communities of East Chicago, Hammond, Highland, Munster and Whiting.

The North Township Trustee offers a variety of services to its community such as providing food, shelter, utility services, clothing, prescriptions, and burials/cremations. They also connect those in need with food pantries, counseling services, daycare, education and training, gasoline vouchers, domestic violence sheltering, help with rent/mortgage, transportation, and much more.

His outreach extends past the office, as he takes his office and the township's governing board on ‘tour.’ They travel to different high schools in the area to speak about how the township works and why it’s important. Mrvan spoke about his mission.

“These students are the next leaders of our region, and our country,” he said. “Our goal is to show young people public service in action.”

The North Township Trustee’s focus is to improve the lives of the everyone and especially the lives of the less fortunate through professional services that are aimed to meet their needs such as health, safety, education, and well-being.

Mrvan believes in the art of a community working together to overcome challenges with people and fulfilling their needs. He thanks God for guiding him and giving him the ability to change things that need to be changed. Aside from being an essential part of his communities outreach, Frank enjoys reading, kick-boxing, and chess in his free time.