A Northwest Indiana Life In The Spotlight: Chris Enyeart

A Northwest Indiana Life In The Spotlight: Chris Enyeart

As a former basketball coach and teacher, Morocco resident Chris Enyeart knew he wanted to progress to a school leadership role early on in his career. He earned his Principal and Superintendent License from Indiana State University and, for last five years, has lived out his ambitions through his role as Director of Athletics at Lake Central High School.

“During my initial years as an administrator, Brian Smith, School Town of Highland Superintendent, was the greatest role model I worked under,” Enyeart said. “I’m now entering my sixth year at Lake Central and couldn’t be happier.”

For Enyeart, some of the most rewarding moments came from engaging with all of Lake Central’s sports teams and seeing their growth and development from season to season and year to year.

“Watching and cheering on our student athletes and teams during their growth and successes is incredible,” Enyeart said. “It is always amazing to be a part of our programs overcoming hurdles that occur throughout the seasons.”

While he is certainly dedicated to making sure Lake Central Athletics runs smoothly and safely, Enyeart is equally devoted to his loving family.

“I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife of 19 years, Noelle, and our 4 kids: Quentin, 16, Grace, 16, Olivia, 14, and Noah, 12,” Enyeart said. “They’re a great support system to come home to, and I love any chance for us to be together when I’m off the clock.”

During his time in administration, Enyeart has had a plethora of inspiring and sometimes challenging experiences that continue to teach him lessons about life. He is reminded of this daily through the words comprising one of his favorite quotes by John Wooden: ‘Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.’“Don't get caught up on the little things,” Enyeart said. “They’re an inevitable part of life, but ultimately they help you in becoming a better version of yourself. Always remember to enjoy the journey.”