A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Carrie Wadycki

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Carrie Wadycki

With a strong dedication to her students and a life-long love for journalism and photography, Carrie Wadycki is an exemplary teacher at Lake Central High School who truly stands out and makes an impact.

“I love teaching my students all of the ethics and mechanics of journalism,” Wadycki said. “Teaching them the fundamentals like being objective, gathering strong sources, and telling genuine stories is a satisfying experience.”

Wadycki attended Ball State University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with the intent of being a photographer. In 1999, Lake Central had a last-minute teaching position open up, and Wadycki took the position. She’s been teaching there now for 22 years.

“The best part of this job is watching the students grow and see where their lives take them,” Wadycki said. “There’s a real sense of accomplishment seeing your own students follow their careers and live out their lives. It’s especially poignant when they come back to you years later to thank you for everything you have done for them.”

Wadycki stated that her students and publication team motivate her as a teacher. Alongside two other teachers, she teaches the students various subjects like newspaper publications, online journalism, and broadcasting. Her love for the field stems all the way back to her high school days at Munster High School when she was involved in high school journalism.

“We have created and cultivated a really fun and engaging program for the students,” Wadycki said. “While we are supervising them, the students are really running the show and making the school publication their own.”

Wadycki believes that the greatest qualities a teacher can have are the ability to carefully listen to the students and to make sure they are having as much of a learning experience as the students.

“Sometimes it’s beneficial to not always be the teacher, but instead listen to what they have or want to say and let them teach you,” Wadycki said. “My students are hard-working, passionate, opinionated, and intelligent. I know the future will be bright with these young people becoming our future leaders one day.”

Wadycki also had a noteworthy piece of advice for teachers, especially concerning this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Go easy on yourself and take time to relax,” Wadycki said. “Everyone is trying their best to make things work. Take it one day at a time.”

“I love my job and coming to work every day to interact with my students,” Wadycki said. “I am happy with where my life has taken me and all of the experiences I have had.”