A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Bridget Moseley

bridget-moseleyCommunities are only as good as the people who live in them. Much of the work done to lift up the town and it's people is completed by selfless volunteers. Many things can be done, because there is much to do. One person, Bridget Moseley, cares about her community the people.

 Moseley grew up in Hammond, IN where she attended Morton High School. She liked being involved in school clubs. And outside of school she was in jazz dance, ballet, and running. After she graduated, Moseley attended Commonwealth Business College (now Brown Mackie) and delved into paralegal studies.

"I was really interested in legal stuff. I wanted to go downtown and work but when I had a family I worked with my husband at his law firm, the Law Offices of Jason R. Moseley," Moseley said.

Moseley does the marketing from home for the law firm. Outside of work, she is doing things in her family and with the community. She is actively involved in Lake County Animal Control walking dogs and playing with cats.

"The more they are handled the more adoptable they are," Moseley said.

The Moseley Family has two rescued cats and a dog.

Moseley also helps to prepare a teachers breakfast at Taft School, creating the menu and decorations.

"We just want to show the teachers that they are appreciated," Moseley said. "I like to help my family and whoever needs it at the time."

Moseley gets her sense of community from her parents. From her childhood she watched them give back to the community through volunteering and community service.

"My parents were always involved. I learned from watching them, and then I share what I learned with my children come," she said.

And why not pass these lessons on to her family. She currently lives in Crown Point, which is a lovely town in Lake County.

"It's a nice community. And we have nice neighbors. There's always something going on and there are lots of activities for the kids," Moseley said.

In her free time, Moseley likes to run. It's a hobby that she has carried with her throughout her life. And she shared a philosophy that she has carried with her as well.

"Don't give up, keep going, and never make excuses. If you want something you figure out a way to do it," Moseley said.