A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Beth McCracken

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Beth McCracken

“The relationships you build with people you meet in your job become family and friends.”

This is what Chesterton cosmetologist Beth McCracken had to say about working with her clients. Interacting with so many people and hearing their stories has become the foundation of her life.

Born and raised in Portage, McCracken was homeschooled her whole life. Asa preacher’s daughter, she has been involved with her church since she was born, where the drive to meet and help people followed her as she grew up. When she was in her late teens, she decided to go to beauty school and received her cosmetology license at the age of 18. She has been working in the industry ever since.

“Being a cosmetologist was something I’ve always wanted to do,” McCracken said. “I used to go with my grandma to the beauty parlor every Friday morning and I enjoyed every minute of it. When she became too old to leave the house, this sparked a desire to be someone who could help people with their hair no matter the place.”

McCracken recently moved from a corporate chain salon to opening her own business named Finishing Touch Hair Studio. As the owner, she sets the mood for her entire business with her positive and upbeat attitude.

“I smile from ear to ear the entire commute to my business,” McCracken said. “As long as I stay optimistic, nothing can bring me down.”

As a veteran cosmetologist, McCracken says her clientele over the years has been incredibly diverse, and she has met individuals from all walks of life. Thus, she states that the key to effectively working with people is being able to adapt and remain positive.

“Being able to read and understand people is a huge component of my job,” McCracken said.

Faith also has a strong presence in McCracken’s life and it directs her to do good for others in her life.

“To me, faith is trusting in something unseen,” she said. “Through Him, I can do anything. It drives me to help people no matter their beliefs and background.”

McCracken says that life is full of ups and downs. The “ups” are fun and rewarding, but the “downs” teach you how to move forward.

“I feel content with where I am at right now, while at the same time I am excited to see what’s next,” said McCracken. “Each experience brings new relationships, possibilities, and challenges, but at the end of the day that’s exactly what makes us stronger.”