A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Bailey Tymm

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Bailey Tymm

Bailey Tymm is a committed small business owner to her company, Desert Rain Boutique. Tymm wanted to start her own business for a while before she actually started Desert Rain, having grown up in a large family which pushed her to want to find a creative outlet of her own. 

“I’m actually one of eight kids, and all my siblings have a lot of different giftings. My brothers do carpentry and my sister’s really artistic. So I was sort of trying to find something creative for me to do,” said Tymm. 

Tymm always wanted to start a small business, but finding the courage to do it was a whole different story. The main concern with starting a small business was the worry of money and finances. Tymm was working at a coffee shop initially as a steady job, but she kept feeling like she had to move on and that her calling was elsewhere.

“I thought that would be a huge step of faith because obviously my job was comfortable, and going into a new business and seeing how much I enjoyed making earrings was scary for me," said Tymm.

One day, Tymm was getting ready for work with the radio on when the pastor on air was preaching about how God provides rain in the desert in Psalm 107. Her faith and comfort in God’s provision is what ended up calling her out to start her own business, she just needed the extra push. 

“I felt like that was my go ahead. The Lord was going to provide for me in the new season that I was walking into,” said Tymm. 

Tymm lived off the earrings she sold from her business starting this past summer, doing it mostly all on her own. She had her close friends and her church as backup, but didn't have any investors or mentors to lead her through the process of starting her own business. She wished she had someone to help her with the details that she didn’t know, like building a website or even the process of making business cards, but nonetheless, she managed on her own. 

The process of manufacturing her own earrings took her a while to figure out, being made out of clay rather than metal or leather. Once she got the hang of it, each pair of earrings were made uniquely with their own creative expression for individuals and it was all worth it to her. 

“Seeing how much it blesses people like it blesses me and to see that people feel beautiful and unique is really neat,” said Tymm. 

After starting Desert Rain, Tymm went to more local markets and met other small business owners. She found that just by showing up she was able to learn a ton that helped her grow her business.

Tymm believes that starting her business was the best thing she could’ve done. She encourages everyone to start their own business if it's something they’ve dreamt of, and to not let fear hold them back, even if it fails. 

“Step out, even if it means you failed, it was an experience. You grew from it and you learned from it,” said Tymm.

For more information about Tymm’s products, visit https://www.desertrainearrings.com/