A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Anna Villanueva

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Anna Villanueva

In 2002, Anna Villanueva started working as a student employee for student activities and athletics at Indiana University Northwest (IU Northwest). Villanueva decided to start working at her place of education because she wanted to participate in the school's sports, go to school, and have a job. When Villanueva graduated from IU Northwest in 2005; the school offered her a full time job as a secretary and sports information director. 

Flash forward to 2022, and Villanueva is now the associate director of athletics at IU Northwest and is more than thrilled to be in the profession she’s in. Since Villanueva was four, her life has been encompassed with all types of athletics. During high school Villanueva played volleyball and basketball, but decided to stop playing after a year or two. Then when Villanueva started attending IU Northwest, she rejoined their volleyball and basketball teams and fell even further in love with sports. 

A few years after 2005, Villanueva decided to get her masters degree in sports management to further her career at IU Northwest. With that masters, Villanueva was able to work her way up to the position she’s currently in and is glad she went back for additional schooling. 

Villanueva would define her current position as a lot of behind the scenes work. She feels that her position does a lot of personal/prep work so the director of athletics can shine their brightest. Some of the responsibilities Villanueva has for her position includes; the hiring of game day operations for student workers, monitoring the student athletes academics, supervising the fitness centers, and being in charge of the athletic and dean of students departments work schedules. Villanueva also mentions how her current position as associate athletic director is great due to the fact that she gets to make connections with all types of individuals at IU Northwest and how those connections are the best part of her career. 

“It’s a good way to engage with all the college students, not just the student athletes. I like being able to connect with every student. The relationships you build with everyone, not just my superiors and colleagues, but the students as well. I love seeing how the students grow up and how their lives develop after college,” said Villanueva. 

When debating which sport Villanueva has the most passion for, she knows with all her heart it’s basketball. This is due to the fact that since Villanueva was very young she’s played the sport. That passion of basketball from an early age has now translated to an immense passion for her college’s basketball team. For Villanueva, working at IU Northwest has become not only an amazing experience, but she has found it to be her second home. 

“IU Northwest is where my life is. It’s where my second family is. I’m really close with all of the coaches. It’s been great helping each other along the way,” Villanueva said. 

Aside from being an avid lover of IU Northwest; Villanueva loves the Chicago White Sox, "Gray’s Anatomy," photography, and the colors, red, black, and white that represent her school prode.