A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Angela Moore

Angella-MooreProviding excellent health care service has always been a passion for Angela Moore. She has worked in Health Care Marketing for 15 years and currently working as Director of Marketing for Community Healthcare System. Based at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago, Moore has worked hard with her team to educate the community on Health Care and provide service for those in need throughout Northwest Indiana.

“In Health Care Marketing, it is never the same, that’s what makes it exciting and challenging as well. We do everything from physician marketing, to service line marketing and community outreach. We focus a lot especially in the East Chicago, Hammond, and Whiting the markets about prevention and health education,” said Moore.

Angela and her staff go out and form groups such as Well Walkers, a volunteer group that gives educational tools on just the basics of walking and the benefits for your health. Their program also includes inviting speakers once a month on different topics and supporting any local walks held around the community.

Moore describes St. Catherine's as sometimes known as a “diamond in the ruff.” A lot of people don't know that it has been around since 1928. “It is a very small hospital. It is nestled in a residential neighborhood, so it really is part of the community,” said Moore.

St. Catherine's is known for their excellent services in cardiology and for the last few years have been recognized in the nation as one of the 100 best hospitals for cardiac care. Moore and her team are proud of that fact and proud to work for a place that really care about the patients and the community they inhabit.

Promoting overall health is at the forefront for Moore. Providing information and encouraging screenings is important for the overall health of the community. Last year they provided 12,000 pre screenings and interactions with community members.

To honor all the hard work that Moore has been doing for the community, she was honored with being named one of the 2014 Influential Women of Northwest Indiana. The organization is devoted to providing resources and motivation for success in the business world. Honored by her peers, Moore really got to see how much everyone appreciates the work she does.

“It is very humbling to be recognized as an influential up and coming woman in marketing. I just feel humbled and blessed to be recognized and it’s really because of the opportunities I’ve had and the administrative staff that is really supportive of me and women in leadership,” said Moore.

This year, Moore will be working on campaigns for awareness of the hospital and all of the great quality of care. With excellent care in cardiology and a new remodeled labor and delivery unit, 2015 is looking to be another good one.

“My favorite part of my job is definitely the people in the positions that I encounter daily, promote, encourage, and motivate. There is a large portion of the population in East Chicago that is in need of Health Care, so seeing them bring their families to events we host and giving them giveaways or health information, that is really rewarding. Having your health is all your wealth,” said Moore.

Although she is a Porter County resident now, Moore grew up in Hammond. “That area has my heart. I grew up there, I have a lot of family there, that’s why I really love that little hospital; I love St. Catherine’s,” said Moore. Her passion for the area is shown in her hard work in health care and continuous care for the people in the community.