A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Adam Graper

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Adam Graper

In order to be successful, an organization needs the right people to keep everyone else connected, informed, and operating. For the City of Crown Point, one of those important people is Adam Graper, the city’s Director of Media Relations / IT. Graper is exactly what the city needs when it comes to technology and communications, and is pushing for increased use of live streaming, social media, and online community engagement in the Region.

“In my role, it is important to bridge the gaps between all technology users and make sure they are on the same page,” Graper said. “It’s all about working with people and knowing what they want and need.”

Graper says that seeing relationships cultivate and projects progress motivates him in his job.

“The hours are long and tough, especially when there are problems with the technology side of things,” Graper said. “But when you put the solution in place, the reward is seeing how your accomplishments impact others.”

Graper stated that one of his long-term goals in his position is to unite technology users of all age groups, so that the community as a whole can grow. He believes that the benefits of technology are needed now more than ever, especially this year with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By doing this, we can bring in new people and businesses while still maintaining the identity of Crown Point,” Graper said. “By closing the generational gaps, we can keep everyone in Crown Point and beyond well-informed and engaged.”

Graper is the Vice President of Crown Point Chamber of Commerce. He also sits on the Northwest Indiana Small Business Task Force.

“My drive to operate in these two entities is to cultivate Crown Point’s sense of community,” Graper said. “I have fond memories of Crown Point and its tight-knit community. It always comes together to work out its issues and foster a strong quality of life throughout the city. We’re as strong as our residents and our business community.”

“I’m proud of our work in the City of Crown Point. The things that we are doing and implementing are taking a very community-centric approach, and we want to appeal to as many people as possible so that the city can prosper for years to come.”