A Northwest Indiana Life in Spotlight: Chris Perez

A Northwest Indiana Life in Spotlight: Chris Perez

People who take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities are the ones who understand the importance of balance and excellence. The ones who understand the importance of giving their all to spread excellence to all aspects of what they do, giving everything they have towards others.

Hobart's Chris Perez has plenty on his plate, but he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

A native of Hammond, Indiana. Perez, a Purdue graduate married his wife at age 25. Looking for a home to settle down in, Perez found a home in Hobart where they have resided ever since. During their early days, much time was not really spent in Hobart, but it's surrounding areas such as Chicago and Merrillville.

It wasn't until later on in life and spurred by the example set for his daughter that Perez began to embrace the Hobart community.

"My daughter spent a lot of time becoming involved in different programs and volunteering opportunities," says Perez. "I always told her to take every opportunity to become involved in her community, but I realized at the time that I, myself wasn't involved with my community so I set out to change that."

At the time, Perez's company was a part of the Hobart Chamber. Perez volunteered to go as a representative and since then has become an integral and welcome member of the Chamber.

"The chamber keeps me coming back, I love the people that are there and what they do," says Perez. "We've become such good friends over the years. It's incredible to see so many people giving so much back to Hobart. They're such good people that I would do anything for."

As the current vice president for the Hobart Chamber, Perez carries a strong appreciation of his duty. While he prefers to be working with the people rather than a leadership position, Perez understands the importance and value that leaders can bring.

"While I actually prefer to be "on the ground" with people and working with them, I have come to understand that the people that are leading are working just as hard. They are tired as well and taking on a leadership position isn't just about power, but helping out individuals even more than before. There are always new changes and new ideas that need to be addressed."

Along with serving on the Hobart Chamber, Perez serves on the Board of Directors for The Linden House of Hobart, the Hobart Education Foundation as well as the Hobart Softball team. Perez is also an ordained Deacon at St. Andrews Anglican Church where he volunteers his time helping others by visiting hospitals and praying with patients.

For Perez, the answer to taking on all of these tasks in life comes from his devout Christian faith and his love of God.

"My faith is very strong, and it is the core of everything I do," says Perez. "I strongly believe in loving one another. I get up every day and make it an objective to be as nice as I can. I like to make people laugh because everyone looks better with a smile."

Perez plans on continuing to serve the community along with his family and friends. Despite wearing many different hats, Perez plans on continuing his many roles and continuing to make people's days better one smile and one person at a time.

"You are always going to get what you put in," says Perez. "It's so simple in life to pay attention to what people like and congratulate them on it. If you give someone a pat on the back, you feel good, they feel good, everyone wins in the end and really, what could be better than that?"