A Northwest Indiana In The Spotlight: Leah Gorby Woods

A Northwest Indiana In The Spotlight: Leah Gorby Woods
By: Sergio Valdes Last Updated: January 8, 2020

A stay-at-home mom living in Hebron with her husband and three kids, Leah Gorby Woods said she is who she is because of her role as a mother. Through the challenges she has faced, she has learned how to be humble and to appreciate the good things.

“Being a mother made me learn great patience and to just roll with whatever life throws at you,” she said.

Gorby Woods said her inspiration was her mother Leann, who was a stay-at-home mom of four girls who also figuratively adopted so many of their friends. Leann was the parent everyone called Mom, or “Mama G”.

“I still have people tell me they love my mom and that she is the kindest woman they’ve ever met.”

Gorby Woods’ family has lived in the Region for at least eight generations, with historical records showing their ancestors moved into the area in 1837.

“Our family has had the same farm for five generations, and I currently live on the same road as the house my grandfather was born in,” she said. “There are landmarks and certain backroads that we know by another name because that’s what it was called by my great-grandma. This area is just part of my family history, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.”

Despite the challenges that motherhood can sometimes bring, Gorby Woods appreciates her sisters Kim Swartz, Erin Strickland, and Lauren Ludwig for being a solid support system.

“They’re always there when I need someone to lean on, willing to give advice and they won’t judge me for the mistakes I have made,” Gorby Woods said. “Also, sometimes you need someone to tell you when you’re in the wrong. There’s the added bonus: they accept my quirks and oddities because theirs are very similar.”

Amidst all of the hard work, Gorby Woods states that the key to finding success is to make time to take a break and do things that you love.

“The phrase ‘you get what you give’ comes to mind. If you aren’t willing to put anything into something, you shouldn’t expect to get anything out of it.”

In her free time, Gorby Woods likes to work on various arts and crafts. She has made party decorations, invitations, banners, and posters, with themes like Star Wars and Disney. She is in the process of starting her own Etsy shop or maybe even doing craft shows.