A Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals Employee Spotlight: Dr. Anastasia Siatras

A Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals Employee Spotlight: Dr. Anastasia Siatras

Dr. Anastasia K. Siatras, D.O., radiologist and Lead Interpreting Physician at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals, knew early on in her medical career that breast radiology was a fit for her. Siatras was immediately drawn to breast radiology during her residency for its hands-on approach with patients and the importance of early cancer detection.

“My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor, and has been for 28 years,” Siatras said. “Early detection is what gives women their greatest chance of survival.”

After her training, she and her husband both began their careers at Methodist, where she has been helping patients at the Breast Care Center for the past eight years.

“We have family who lives in Northwest Indiana, so we were familiar with the area, and we were impressed with the prospect of progress and growth at Methodist,” Siatras said.

Throughout her life, Siatras’ parents, who are Greek immigrants who left their country to create a better life for their children, have served as her two biggest role models.

“They taught me that if I work hard, am kind and honest, I will be successful every day of my life,” Siatras said. “In turn, I give this same message to my own children.”

Equally influential in Siatras’ life is her fellowship director, Dr. Adele Lipari.

“Dr. Lipari has had a big influence on my career,” Siatras said. “She taught me so much about not only breast imaging, but the humanity and compassion that is just as vital in this field.”

For Siatras, every day is interesting and different, with a mix of mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs and procedures. No matter what the day brings, she embraces every patient interaction that makes her work meaningful.

“I love talking to my patients,” Siatras said. “Even if I am delivering bad news, they walk away knowing they are not alone in this process.”

Siatras strives to instill hope in all of her patients, and draws daily inspiration from one of her favorite quotes by Euripides, “Nothing is hopeless, we must hope for everything.”

“If I don't believe in that, I will never be able to inspire my patients and loved ones to believe in it, either,” Siatras said.

When she’s not helping patients, Siatras values any time she can spend with her family.

“My husband and I love spending time with our children,” Siatras said. “We enjoy traveling, cooking and eating with friends and family, and spending time on the water whenever we can.”

Siatras believes in putting the best of herself into the world through the things she is passionate about, and encourages others to live their best life too.

“Do what you love, and then do it to the best of your ability every single day,” Siatras said. “This life is too short to do anything else!”