A Midwest Express Clinic Employee Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Legaspi

A Midwest Express Clinic Employee Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Legaspi

Whether it is restoring a sick patient back to health or shredding on his electric guitar to cheers from a crowd, Dr. Joseph Legaspi M.D. is all about initiating positive exchanges with the people around him.

“When you play a certain tune or note and can see the crowd’s reaction, that’s what drives every musician to actually play on stage,” Legaspi said. “I feel the same way in dealing with patients. You make them feel good, which makes you feel good.”

Legaspi completed his undergraduate degree at Indiana University Bloomington and studied medicine at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. Through the University of Illinois at Chicago, he was able to do a residency program at Mercy Hospital. After he completed his education, Legaspi started a private practice, worked at a community hospital, and worked as a provider at an immediate care facility in 2012. Midwest Express Clinic took over that immediate care facility two years ago, and Legaspi decided to stay with them through that transition into new ownership.

He has enjoyed seeing the differences between urgent care and private practice since he has worked in both kinds of healthcare services.

“I like the variety,” Legaspi said. “With immediate care, you do see a lot more acute cases. The process of developing patient follow-up is somewhat similar to private practice. I’m a big fan of the administrative side of being with Midwest Express Clinic. I like being able to review charts and actually interact with different providers and nurse practitioners. I like providing ideas to move us forward as a united front, making Midwest Express Clinic better at working collaboratively with our team and other providers. I pride myself in the learning process. You never stop learning.”

Legaspi’s favorite aspects of the job are interacting with the staff, cracking jokes, and maintaining a positive environment. He also enjoys his interactions with patients and welcomes the challenge to put them at ease.

“I like being able to see and interact with patients,” Legaspi said. “With immediate care, you’ve got a few minutes to gain a patient’s trust. They’ve never seen you before, they’re hurt or not feeling good, and they need help. They can tell if you care or not. They can’t see your face, so you can’t disarm them with a smile, but you can do that in other ways. More often than not, if you lend them an ear, ask them if there is anything they think you missed, and let them know the game plan, patients become more trusting.”

When he is not busy mingling with coworkers and treating patients at Midwest Express Clinic, he enjoys traveling, going to the movies, and eating out with his wife and three kids. His whole family enjoys making music, and he and his wife are both members of the “Johnny Demotte” rock band.

“My wife and I are in a rock band, and my kids all play music,” Legaspi said. “I play locally, and I’m a big fan of giving back to the area, so my band has played for Lakeshore PAWS, and helped raise awareness for a cancer society here in Munster. Nothing puts a smile on your face like when you’re rocking out and know you’re doing it for a good cause. Having fun is just a bonus.”

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