A Look Into What Makes Dan Steiner & His Team at Steiner Homes Special

A Look Into What Makes Dan Steiner & His Team at Steiner Homes Special
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: July 26, 2017

Throughout the region, Steiner Homes Ltd. is known for their unmatched craftsmanship, undeniably quality materials, and distinct professionalism. All of these characteristics combine to make a Steiner Homes one of the most recognizable home builders in Northwest Indiana, and it all starts with a team of dedicated professionals.

For owner and founder, Dan Steiner, surrounding himself with good people in the office and on the job site is what keeps the wheels spinning. Striving to create each new client’s dream home is their mission, and Steiner and his team take pride in the work they do.

Being on the team at Steiner Homes and working to build that client’s “forever home” takes hard work and comes with a responsibility to carry on the long tradition of building incredible homes. For Dan Steiner, taking care of the people who dedicate their time to continuing that heralded tradition of Steiner Homes is essential.

“I’m not shy with rewarding my people because they prove themselves faithful and are good at what they do,” said Steiner. “So many people that buy from us say, ‘We love your company from top to bottom! You’re very good at what you do.’ That comes from having good people at our company and we love to reward them for their work.”

For Steiner, learning new things and always seeking out ways to improve is a big part of his mission. He’s never happy standing still and admiring what happened yesterday. Instead, he’s ever focused on what comes next and how can Steiner Homes remain the region’s premier home builder.

Even now, with many years in the industry, Steiner brings in professionals who will challenge the management and systems he has in place, and in the end, those experts will impact the way that Steiner Homes operates for the better. Whether it’s maintaining successful parts of the company or changing some areas which need improvement, the end goal for Steiner is for he and his team to learn and grow into a more successful business.

“That’s what motivates me, going and learning something,” Steiner said. “Even if it’s threatening or it means we’re going to change the way we do things, that’s good to be threatened. I tell my team the same thing.”

With that mentality of lifelong learning in mind, Steiner uses any tool at his disposal to soak up as much information and as many ideas as he possibly can.

“I always go to the National Home Builders Conference in Orlando or Las Vegas and a lot of builders go down there just to have a good time,” Steiner described. “Well, when I take my team, I don’t mind if they have a good time but they’re going to the meetings. It’s incredible what you can learn at these conferences.”

“One of the things that changed my life was on the last day of the conference that was presented by these two guys who did a study on the five biggest builders in the world and I thought, ‘I’m in!’ There was probably 2000 builders there and these two guys get up to speak and just about all of them left.

“The room emptied out and I’m sitting there writing notes like crazy! You’re going to give me information from this marketing study on the five biggest, multi-billion dollar builders in the world, and all I have to do is write it down? I had around 19 pages at the end and it changed my life!”

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