A Levin Tire & Service Center Employee Spotlight: Mark Nosich

A Levin Tire & Service Center Employee Spotlight: Mark Nosich

Being a mechanic is kind of like being a detective. We consumers can sometimes take that for granted. For many (including myself), we want an experienced and trustworthy professional to resolve the issue and effectively explain the root of the problem, which Levin Tire & Service Center’s service advisor, Mark Nosich does. 

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Nosich grew up with an appreciation for cars. Little did he know he’d be following in his family’s footsteps.

“Every guy has a story of being with their grandfather, father, or uncle working in the industry,” he said. “My grandfather worked as a mechanic until he was 82 years old. My uncle was a body shop mechanic for 35 years, and my father was a general foreman for several steel mills then worked at CarMax, so everything has just revolved around the automotive mechanic industry my whole life.”

Over his career, he has worked in just about every aspect of the automotive industry. 

“I first started out working for the Chrysler Corporation, and then I worked at a series of their dealerships around Northwest Indiana,” Nosich said. “After that, I worked for Precision Turbo making turbochargers on the assembly line. Right there on the line is where you want to be, so it was really interesting.” 

After working at Precision Turbo for more than a year, Nosich was looking for a career change. When Levin Tire’s Highland branch was looking for a service advisor to join their team in April 2019, he knew immediately his prior experience would be perfect for the job. 

“I learned from the ground up,” he said. “I got to work as a porter, a lube tech, and as an apprentice for a little bit of time. I really got to learn the ins-and-outs of cars. Over time, I gradually took on the part as a service advisor at the dealerships, talking to customers, knowing every little bit of the vehicle, and was able to take the mechanical terms and translate it to the customer.”

Though he’s only been with the company for under, Nosich hopes to be with the company for the long haul. 

“Levin Tire has hired a great group of people that I love working with every day. Dave Skrenes and I actually came into the company at the same time and did our training together,” he said. “I loved everything I heard in the interview about this job.”

When he’s not working, you can find Nosich hitting the textbooks, working towards a business degree. 

“I never planned on falling into the service writer industry, it was supposed to be a reason to pay my tuition at IUN, but it’s turned into something a lot more,” he said. 

For more information on Levin Tire & Service Center, and the services they provide, visit their website or call 1(800) 475-5005.