A Harley-Davidson Shop of Michigan City Employee Spotlight: Tom “Fish” Fisher

A Harley-Davidson Shop of Michigan City Employee Spotlight: Tom “Fish” Fisher

There is no community quite like motorcycle riders. Serving the needs of motorcycle owners is the passion of Tom “Fish” Fisher, who has been the parts manager at The Harley-Davidson Shop of Michigan City since 2001. Fisher was once an avid rider.

“My sister and brother-in-law bought a dealership in Crete, Illinois in 1990. That’s how I started in the business,” Fisher said.

“I had a Harley Softail Custom back in 1987, but I ended up trading in my bike for a horse,” Fisher said. “My daughter got into 4-H, and we bought a horse. So I ended up selling my bike and got a big ole diesel truck and a trailer.”

The farm life suits Fisher, who has two dogs, a cat, and two ducks. Even though 4-H is a competitive event, the sheer financial commitment on display blew Fisher away.

“When I’d go to events, I was definitely a poor man in a rich man’s game,” Fisher said. “A saddle cost about $3,500, a helmet was $500. It was definitely crazy. The 4-H life is definitely an interesting thing to experience.”

When Fisher is not busy mingling and helping customers get the parts they need, he enjoys golf and playing with his ducks Carl and Steve. The day-to-day interactions with customers is the best part of Fisher’s job.

“I like being the person people meet when they walk in,” Fisher said. “I’ll shake their hand, talk with them a bit, and see what I can do to help them. Helping customers find whatever they need is great. If you need to know anything about Harleys, just come in and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of. That’s how we are here.”

Fisher is the unofficial mascot for The Harley-Davidson Shop of Michigan City, often greeting riders as soon as they walk in the door. Fisher’s friendly demeanor and witty personality make him popular amongst the staff. In the 19 years Fisher has worked at The Harley-Davidson Shop of Michigan City, his wife and daughter have also worked at the dealership. When asked about his recognizable face, Fisher chuckled.

“I’m more of an ambassador than anything else,” Fisher said. “Seeing repeat customers is always great, you get to know people over the years of them getting their bikes worked on. Meeting new people and befriending them is great. Everyone’s different and finding the right parts to get them back on the road is always a great feeling.”

If you are interested in a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, come visit the crew at The Harley-Davidson Shop of Michigan City or visit their website at https://www.hdmichigancity.com.