A Harley-Davidson of Michigan City Employee Spotlight: Tee, MotorClothes Manager

A Harley-Davidson of Michigan City Employee Spotlight: Tee, MotorClothes Manager

Keeping the customers happy and working your hardest are the keys to success in the workplace. This is something that Tee, the MotorClothes Manager at the Harley-Davidson shop of Michigan City, would say about her job in retail. She is responsible for showcasing the products the store has and ensuring they look appealing to customers.

“When you work for a business, you should be doing everything you can to generate business for that company while also making it a place that people want visit,” Tee said.

Tee started working for Harley-Davidson of Michigan City about six years ago. She says that the store being located in the city she lives in drew her to work there and want to see it prosper.

“The moment I began working at this store, I immediately loved it,” Tee said. “It’s a really fast-paced but fun environment and I have met so many interesting people. If I’m going to work retail, this is the place I want to be.”

Tee said she begins every single day with a positive thought to get her motivated for the day.

“If you’re smiling, your customers are going to be smiling,” Tee said. “You can’t walk around with a negative attitude because that’s going to rub off onto the customers, so that’s why we like to keep it light and fun.”

Tee describes the shop’s atmosphere as friendly, laidback, and welcoming. The employees and customers, especially the regulars, have a very strong relationship with each other. Even if they’re new customers, employees view them as family and want to ensure they are getting the best experience possible.

However, she says that in order to find success, the employees need to maintain a strong, consistent synergy with each other. For instance, when fellow employee Al Bock closes a sale on a motorcycle, he brings the customer to Tee so that she can help them get the additional items they need,like a helmet and gloves.

“What brings customers back to the shop is our energy and upbeat attitude,” Tee said. “They really enjoy doing business with people who genuinely care about their overall Harley-Davidson experience.”

Tee also commented that the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed the employees’ morale. Even with the extra safety precautions in place, they are “still laughing behind their masks.”

“I wake up happy every day to go work at Harley-Davidson of Michigan City, and honestly I love doing my job,” Tee said.