A Great Lakes Orthopedics Spotlight: Cindy Whiteside

A Great Lakes Orthopedics Spotlight: Cindy Whiteside

For the two years that Cindy Whiteside has served as Practice Manager at Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C., Whiteside has looked forward to work. She was quick to attribute much of that excitement to her boss.

“Our CEO is Dr. Pitchford,” she said. “He makes it a great place to come and work because of his care and his passion. That makes my job worth coming to. He’s one of the main reasons I enjoy working at Great Lakes.”

Whiteside attended Valparaiso High School and went on to become a practice manager at various medical practices in Northwest Indiana. After over a decade of working as a practice manager, she decided to take a break.

“I have been in the medical field for over 25 years, and I decided to take a break from being a practice manager for a little while and focus on family,” Whiteside said. “It was actually an old representative I worked with at a previous job who let me know that Great Lakes was hiring a practice manager.”

After spending some time with family, she was happy to dive into her new job at Great Lakes. Whiteside quickly became invested in the Great Lakes workplace and noted that she is passionate about her work. 

Whiteside felt that the most important aspect of her job is to keep everything functioning smoothly. She keeps everything in line from the front desk to the billing. She said that she and her employees must work as a team and feels that it is her job to keep that team together. Keeping that team together means that she has no “typical day” at work.

“I am always out and about,” Whiteside said. “I don’t like to sit behind a desk for a long amount of time. I like to go out and introduce myself and interact with patients. I feel that, being a leader, you have to be compassionate and driven. When you show compassion to your employees and the patients who come here, that’s what drives patients to come through the door.”

While Whiteside enjoys the everyday activities at work, there is a special event Great Lakes hosts in the fall that she said makes up her best memories from her job. 

“In the fall, we give back to the patients,” she said. “We have a big picnic inside our building. It gives us that one-on-one time with them. It makes them feel like more than a number. It makes the patients realize that we truly do care about them.”

Undeniably, Whiteside enjoys her job as Practice Manager at Great Lakes, but she also enjoys her activities outside of the workplace.

“I love spending time with my family,” she said. “I have two boys and a husband. We love to go places on the weekend whether it be shopping or going to Michigan. Spending time with friends and family is my entire weekend.”

Whether it is swimming in her pool with her sons and husband or making employees and patients feel welcome at Great Lakes, Whiteside leads a life committed to her passions.