A GOOD News Facebook PSA: Check the Box

A GOOD News Facebook PSA: Check the Box

Hey, Steve here, and we got a problem.

It’s not with you or me, it’s a connecting me to you issue caused by Facebook’s idea of what you want to see on your News Feed (Home Page).

I don’t know about you, but I am wondering why Facebook thinks the only things I want to read are politics, and the only things I want to see are Snapchat face swaps and memes that have been reused and recycled a thousand times before on social media.

I want the good stuff on my News Feed. I want the news that makes me think, laugh, love, and occasionally cry.

Who doesn’t, right?

The LIFE team is dedicated, 24/7, to bringing you the “GOOD” stuff; highlighting the uplifting people, communities, and organizations dedicated to making a positive difference in Northwest Indiana. Problem is, you’re probably missing out on seeing a lot of stuff we put out on Facebook “thanks” to Facebook’s News Feed changes.

But there’s a solution to this: CHECK THE BOX!

Yep, just a quick change on our Facebook page is all you need to make to ensure the GOOD news is getting to you first.

Here’s how:

1.) Visit any page you want to see in your News Feed.

2.) Hover your mouse over the “liked” button in the upper-left portion of the page and look for the new dropdown menu to appear.

3.) In the new menu below the “liked” button select “see first” in the “In Your News Feed Section.”

That’s it. It’s really that quick and simple and makes sure that when we’re sharing the GOOD news, the GOOD news is getting shared with you, too.

Go ahead, check that box, and let the GOOD news into your News Feed...you’ll be happy you did.