A General Insurance Services Spotlight: Michelle Snider

A General Insurance Services Spotlight: Michelle Snider

From prom updos to blue jeans, Michelle Snider enjoys serving the community through General Insurance Services and its partner organizations. Snider has passionately served others through her various professions for decades, but her professions have not always been in the field of insurance. 

Although Snider now works as a Personal Risk Advisor at General Insurance Services, she was not always in the insurance business. Prior to the two and a half years at her current position, Snider worked in the hair business for over 20 years. She started as a stylist and worked her way into becoming a senior district leader responsible for around 22 salons. After two decades, Snider decided it was time to change her trajectory.

“I was looking for a change, and I was interviewing for opportunities,” Snider said. “When I came to General Insurance Services, I found that they were morally-rich. Part of what inspired me to get into this field is General Insurance Services’ mission to secure the future of the community we serve by providing peace of mind while protecting what matters most to people.”

In the eyes of the average person, hair and insurance have nothing in common. However, Snider sees similarities between the two business fields.

“It’s so funny because a lot of people think that being a hairstylist and being an insurance advisor are completely different fields,” Snider said. “As far as the knowledge goes, yes, it’s completely different, but every time someone comes in, whether I’m a hairdresser or an advisor, they’re coming in with a specific problem, and I have to have a wealth of knowledge to know how to fix that problem.”

While her everyday activities do not involve hair, once a year, she has the opportunity to use her hair expertise and skill to enrich community life. She volunteers each year with the Opportunity Enterprises annual prom called Night to Shine.

“Since my background is in hair, I do updos for the prom they have every year,” Snider said. “I like to go to Opportunity Enterprises and do updos for a bunch of the ladies so they can look their best at prom. I love working with Night to Shine.”

General Insurance Services also supports its community through a less formal event called Blue Jean Fridays.

“Every month, we pick a different charity and everybody in the organization can wear blue jeans on Fridays for five bucks. All that money goes toward the charity we chose,” Snider said.

When she is not helping clients or volunteering in the community and at her church, she keeps busy running marathons and watching her oldest son play baseball and her youngest son play soccer. Snider married her high school sweetheart, and she and her husband recently celebrated their 14th anniversary.

Snider has lived in Valparaiso since fourth grade and feels fortunate that her work at General Insurance Services allows her to positively influence the community she lovingly calls home.

“I absolutely love working for General Insurance Services,” she said. “I’m in a great place right now and feel very blessed. I am a people person through and through, so I love meeting with like-minded members of the community and volunteering alongside other members of General Insurance Services. I like solving problems for people through risk management and keeping people protected.”  

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