A First Merchants Bank Employee Spotlight: Marva Bunch

A First Merchants Bank Employee Spotlight: Marva Bunch

Marva Bunch, Banking Center Manager at First Merchants Bank in Harvey, Illinois, was new to the banking world 13 years ago when she started as a part-time teller. After a long career in retail, Bunch saw the need for a change that provided her a better work-life balance.

“I had younger children at the time, so I wanted the ability to work a traditional nine to five. First Merchants had proven to be a bank in the industry that encouraged that balance. It gave me the time to be home with my children, as well as the opportunity to work in a fulfilling career,” Bunch explained.

After starting as a part-time teller, Bunch worked her way up, becoming a teller’s supervisor, an assistant, and eventually the Banking Center Manager. In addition to their reputation of allowing employees to have an excellent work-life balance, the chance for professional growth drew Bunch in quickly.

“The opportunity to grow with the company was clear from the start,” she said. “The coaching and the development I received has helped me get to where I want to be and where I really excel.”

As Banking Center Manager, Bunch’s role resides within the community. She works every day with businesses and clients in the area, building relationships with them and meeting their needs.

“I help people understand their current needs, even if they don’t realize they have that need in the first place,” Bunch said. “I also assist them with their financial focus and provide the appropriate solutions for them.”

While the banking world was new to her, Bunch’s career in retail prepared her for a role that keeps her in constant contact with the community. Her prior experience has also helped her build strong and long-lasting relationships between First Merchants Bank and their clients. 

“I’m the person our clients know,” Bunch said. “I help them with whatever service they need, or point them in the right direction for assistance. It’s important to have that relationship established to build trust and longevity.”

First Merchants Bank also takes to heart the goal of encouraging a company culture where growth can be found and a focus on a tight-knit, family-minded workplace.

“To me, it’s a company that is like family. They care about their employees and their lives, just like they care about the communities we serve,” Bunch said.

Bunch is a Chicago native. When not at work, she can be found bowling, enjoying game nights, and spending quality time with her husband of 21 years and her two daughters.

For more information about First Merchants Bank, visit their website at www.firstmerchants.com/.

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