A fall can be life-altering. So can preventing one.

A fall can be life-altering.  So can preventing one.
By: BrightStar Care of Lake County Last Updated: September 11, 2019

Each year, one in three adults ages 65 and older falls. The results can have a real impact on their health and the way they live. To help prevent a loved one from falling, first understand the top reasons for falls.

Reasons for falls:

  • Medication-related
    • Side effects, medication interactions or incorrect use all increase risk.
  • Illness, fatigue or weakness
    • On low-energy days, the goal is to keep them going.
  • Lack of physical fitness
    • People who’ve fallen, even if they’re not hurt, can become fearful of exercise.
  • Home environment
    • Home surroundings can be a challenge as their abilities and mobility decrease.
  • Chronic conditions
    • Symptoms of pneumonia, diabetes, heart failure, COPD and other conditions can cause falls.

What you can do:

  • Know their medication details, give regular reminders and pay special attention when medications are adjusted.
  • Be there to help them get to the bathroom, walk around and keep them active while encouraging them to eat and stay hydrated.
  • Tell their doctor about changes in activity after a fall, and encourage balance exercises such as yoga or tai chi.
  • Reduce tripping hazards such as rugs and add railings or support bars for the tub, toilet and stairways.
  • Know the disease process so you can spot any red flags. Help them follow their treatment plan including doctor visits.

What BrightStar Care can do:

  • BrightStar Care Registered Nurses can provide medication oversight and strategies for staying on track. Caregivers can provide medication reminders.
  • Our nurses evaluate fall risk as part of their in-home assessment and use results to create and oversee a plan of care. Our caregivers are trained in fall prevention and can help them safely stay active.
  • Your BrightStar Care nurse can incorporate an exercise program into your loved one’s plan of care and have the caregiver do it with them. We can also work with their physical therapist to make sure they are correctly following their exercise program.
  • We follow Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals® for home environments. Our assessments include checking the home for risks. We make reducing falls a top priority!
  • We have programs that focus on condition specific strategies to help keep your loved one as healthy as possible. We also have resources to help you understand and manage specific health needs