A Custom Data Services Client Spotlight: Nephrology Specialists P.C.

A Custom Data Services Client Spotlight: Nephrology Specialists P.C.

The work of medical professionals is often a stressful job. The work of nephrologists (the study of the kidney) is a field often overlooked unless explicitly told. The staff over at Nephrology Specialists P.C. take the necessary steps to help those who have any issues involving their kidneys.

Amy Rajtar, the Practice Manager at Nephrology Specialists, has been hard at work ensuring the health and safety of patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There has been a tremendous impact in terms of dealing with extremely critically ill patients due to the effects of COVID-19 on all organ systems in the body,” Rajtar said. “It has not only been very stressful in a hospital setting, but we have to deal with outpatient practice patients differently because of the fear of traveling or coming into the office.”

A typical day for the physicians and staff at Nephrology Specialists is like many in the medical field, tending to patients and ensuring they’re getting the best care possible.

“We typically round on our dialysis patients first, then in the middle and end of the day,” Rajtar said. “We will see hospital patients daily, usually as early as we can to deal with critical issues. Next, we deal with outpatient clinics two to three days a week, and with many patient issues, we take care of them by phone regularly. Dialysis is another big treatment we do here.”

Dialysis is a process that replaces the functions of damaged kidneys. It removes toxins and waste products that those with kidney diseases or low functioning kidneys cannot do naturally. The treatments are often multiple times a week and help many maintain kidney function to enjoy life as best they can.

“Nephrology Specialists provide cutting edge diagnosis and therapy that is personalized to individuals in a way that allows the patient to be involved with their care at all levels,” Rajtar said. “We also help manage Hypertension and Diabetes as it pertains to kidney issues by addressing medications that can be helpful or harmful to kidneys.”

Rajtar and the rest of the staff at Nephrology Specialists put patient care at the top of their priorities. Providing quality healthcare to those who need it is what separates Nephrology Specialists from other healthcare providers.

“We take pride in our one on one counseling of patients with issues that will lead to healthier outcomes,” Rajtar said.

Custom Data Services is proud to be able to serve the doctors that build healthy communities and is excited to be able to promote them through their client spotlight series. Custom Data Services would like to thank all the doctors and staff at Nephrology Specialists PC for their continued business and for their service to the community.

To learn more about the services Nephrology Specialists P.C., go to their website at https://ns-nwi.com/.