A Compilation: Inside the Great News Studio with Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.

A Compilation: Inside the Great News Studio with Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.

Northwest Indiana is full of stellar leaders, but Thomas M. McDermott Jr. is one of a kind. As Mayor of the most populated city in Lake County, McDermott has made it his goal to improve quality of life in Hammond. Standing at the helm of several significant projects both in action and on the horizon, McDermott and his team are working to ensure people are happy to call Hammond home.
We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor McDermott in the Great News Studio, where we picked his brain about all things Hammond and mayoral. In his singular brand of relaxed authenticity, he was happy to answer our questions. Here are just a few highlights.

Great Things Happening in Northwest Indiana

Hammond has had a particularly awesome year. The Steve Miller Band, Gucci Mane, and Sublime with Rome played at the Pavilion at Wolf Lake Memorial Park (or the Pav, as it's become known). Concerts, festivals, and new traditions like 219 Day are only building more and more momentum within Hammond. McDermott dishes on what he's most excited within his city and other cities, plus his alter ego: Super Mayor.

Fresh Styles of Communication

McDermott's authenticity plays a big role in the approach he takes to communicating to the public. He's not afraid to take some chances to when it comes to being an open source of contact to his citizens. From social media mastery to Virtual Mayor's Night Out, here are just some of the ways Mayor McDermott steps it up in the communication department.

Family & Politics

Even with an upbeat attitude, election season is tough. Personal attacks come with the territory, but when people lash out at family members, that's when things get really low. McDermott lets down his guard to talk about the challenges he faces in his role, his recent Polish excursion, and how proud he is of his family.

Economic Successes in Hammond

Formerly unutilized parcels and industrial eyesores have transformed into dynamic investments for the city of Hammond under Mayor McDermott's watch. With developments like Oxbow Landing, the Digital Crossroads of America Data Center, and the Hammond Sportsplex, McDermott has helped steer some major milestones for his city. He discusses the route to make Hammond a better home and destination.