A Chester, Inc. Employee Spotlight: Nathan Powell

A Chester, Inc. Employee Spotlight: Nathan Powell
By: Stacey Kellogg Last Updated: February 15, 2019

Born in Texas to a mother from Wisconsin and a father from Illinois, Nathan Powell was raised with Midwestern values - the importance of family and the spirit of generosity. He brings those same attributes to Chester, Inc., as their new Help Desk Technician, and has found them to be reciprocated.

Powell said he was drawn to Chester, Inc., because of their positive organizational culture, and the way they treat both clients and employees like family. “Within my first few months of working at Chester, I’ve experienced a Christmas party, a chili cook-off competition, an appreciation dinner, and many warm welcomes and conversations with my team in between. The appreciation Chester has for its employees and their families knows no bounds,” Powell said.

Powell attended Valparaiso University and obtained a degree in International Relations. But it was his interest in video games, technology, and helping others that led him to the help desk position in IT at Chester.

“My favorite part of working as an IT professional is having the ability or knowledge to help people,” Powell said. “I know full well the frustration that comes with working with technology, and being able to work with the client to diagnose, troubleshoot, and ultimately resolve their issue and their frustration is a great feeling.”

He also appreciates Chester, Inc.’s approach to providing clients with a full-service approach to their architectural and construction projects. The company provides what Powell called a ”one-stop shop” for developing the physical and technological infrastructure of a project, and then can support the IT piece upon project completion as well.

When he is not working at Chester, Inc., or serving as the proverbial IT go-to guy for friends and family (a task he readily welcomes), Powell is busy planning with for the arrival of a new addition to the family - a baby girl! He and his girlfriend Nicole enjoy the greater Valparaiso community for its unique restaurants and social scene.

“Despite my time at Valparaiso University, I never really ventured out to the great number of restaurants Valparaiso offers until recently. Nicole and I are food enthusiasts, and relish any opportunity to get out and try new restaurants or cuisine – and Valpo has an abundance of unique restaurants to choose from,” he said.

The food enthusiasts also enjoy cooking, and exploring tastes that span the globe.

“We like to try a variety of recipes from different cuisines every now and then. Some of our favorites are coxinhas and feijoada, chiles rellenos, chicken tikka masala with homemade naan, and Louisiana gumbo inspired from our recent trip to Louisiana,” Powell said.

Nathan and Nicole also enjoy hiking at Indiana Dunes State Park and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, and spending time with their beloved Siberian Husky Rocky, whose energy he says knows no bounds.