A Brief Guide to Buying Tires

tireguideYou’ve probably had the experience of needing new tires. Maybe a mechanic has told you that buying all four of them at once is the best option – or maybe you’ve come to that conclusion on your own.

Levin Tire is here to give you the facts, as well as some tips about tire purchases that could save you serious cash.

Can I buy just one or two? It’s recommended to buy tires in pairs to make sure they’ll wear evenly. However, if you need to replace just one tire, make sure to get the same type and tread as your other tires, to maintain an even balance.

What kind should I buy? The original manufacturer tires (or OEM) that came with your car aren’t always best. Choose a tire that will work for your type of vehicle and provide proper traction on a flooded or icy road. For more recommendations on the best tires to purchase, see Levin Tire’s Tire Buying Guide. Your tires can be different brands, as long as the tires are the same type. As mentioned above, this ensures that the car is symmetrical and in-balance while you’re driving.

Where should they go? New tires should be installed in the rear of the vehicle. The reason for this is that if you need to swerve unexpectedly, you can be confident that your vehicle will maintain traction and stability. This is true whether you have front- or rear-wheel drive.

Worn, older tires may not have the same traction, and while they may still be healthy enough for the front, you’ll want the security of brand-new tires in the rear of your vehicle, where it matters most.

Have questions about which tires might be best for your car or truck? Stop into your nearest Levin Tire Center today, and speak with one of our certified technicians.