A bittersweet night at IHSAA boys track sectionals

A bittersweet night at IHSAA boys track sectionals

The IHSAA Boys Track & Field sectionals brought dedicated athletes and fans together for an evening of excitement. Stakes were high for athletes from eleven schools in the Region as they competed to see if the season was over, or if they would advance to regionals. For Seniors, the meet on Thursday evening meant the end of high school track and the beginning of something new.

Jenna Blech was in attendance, watching her Senior son, Evan, compete in the Pole Vault. Out of all the sports, Pole Vault was his favorite. Blech watched her son develop his skills starting from bunny hops in middle school, to launching himself high in the air.

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“He’s had great coaches, I’ve never worried him,” Blech said. “He’s built a lot of strength and it’s been neat to see him progress.”

Evan is Blech’s first born and seeing him graduate and go to College is new territory. It is a bittersweet moment for Blech because she looks forward to the great things Evan will do at Purdue University North West, but the Pole Vaulting, as they know it, will end.

“I am proud and sad at the same time,” Blech said. “It’s been great to watch him grow with this sport and see him do something he loves.”

Blech credits the coaches who supported Evan’s commitment to Pole Vaulting for his success. His coaches nourished his love for the sport, while instilling important lessons that enrich all areas of life. They unlocked Evan’s potential while teaching discipline, strength, and courage.

“His experience at Crown Point with academics and athletics has been nothing short of phenomenal,” Blech said.

There were 17 events at the track sectionals, including, High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Hurdles, Relay Races, and Sprints. For spectators, something was always going on, making the event exciting to watch.

Fran Patrick was in the audience to support her son, Maurice Patrick, in the 300 meter hurdles. She had her mother and daughter next to her on the bleachers, and they were ready to cheer as loud as they could for their favorite athlete. Patrick looks forward to another year of the sport and hopes her son will qualify for regionals. Track runs deep in their family’s history, so from genes, to practicing every day, to his fans in the crowd, Patrick has a great shot at achieving big things with his athletic career.

“He’s got it in him,” Patrick said. “And having us in the audience gives him that drive.”