A Belvedere Senior Housing Resident Spotlight: Timothy Armstrong

A Belvedere Senior Housing Resident Spotlight: Timothy Armstrong
By: Allison Tunstall Last Updated: July 21, 2020

For lifelong Northwest Indiana resident Timothy Armstrong, finding a senior living home like Belvedere Senior Housing that keeps him in touch with his roots and the life he built was vital.

Born in Lowell, Indiana, Armstrong has spent his life in Northwest Indiana, building relationships with his community through his work, which allowed him to interact with everyday people.

“I worked at a local grocery store for 45 years,” Armstrong said. “I was also a crossing guard for years for the Lowell Police Department.”

Armstrong’s long career in service and community engagement kept him busy, given his love of people and interacting with them. But it was also his quick thinking that pushed him into the community spotlight when, at his job at the local grocery store, he became a town hero for saving a young boy’s life.

“He had been playing where he shouldn’t be and got caught up in some chains that wrapped around his neck,” Armstrong said. “I found him just in time and was able to save him.”

For his service to the community, a banquet was hosted in his honor and he was given a plaque to commemorate that moment forever.

Armstrong also was a dedicated husband to his loving wife, Debbie. They were married in DeMotte, Indiana, before moving to Wheatfield, where they lived as a family of two until Debbie passed away in 2017.

Armstrong has called Belvedere Senior Housing home for two months, and in that time, he has had the opportunity to continue the interactions with kind and caring people that he has found in Northwest Indiana his entire life.

“I’ve met a lot of really nice people here,” Armstrong, “which has been important to me as our current situation with COVID-19 continues.”

Belvedere has also taken steps to make life for its residents normal by continuing everyday activities – albeit safely - to keep residents engaged and entertained. They host Wheel of Fortune and Bingo, and activities that keep residents mentally and physically engaged like drawing and exercise. 

For more information about Belvedere Senior Housing, please visit https://www.gardant.com/belvedereseniorhousing/.