A Belvedere Senior Housing Resident Spotlight: Larry Cunningham

A Belvedere Senior Housing Resident Spotlight: Larry Cunningham

Larry Cunningham has called Northwest Indiana home his entire life. A “Region Rat” at heart, Cunningham has seen a long career in the steel industry and has an ever-growing appreciation for his community.

Born and raised in Miller, Cunningham attended Indiana University in Bloomington. After graduation, he got a job with U.S. Steel in the blast furnace division before some unexpected changes.

“U.S. Steel had what we call Black Monday, and after nine years, I lost my job,” he said. “But it gave me the opportunity to switch gears to the private sector, where I became vice president of a contracting firm.”

“Eventually, I became president of my own firm in Gary,” Cunningham said.

In his career, he worked with a number of unique people who made the job interesting every day. The Region’s diversity—the melting pot of backgrounds, opportunities, and culture—always stuck out to Cunningham as something that has made Northwest Indiana an exceptional place to live.

He shared the same sentiment about his time at Belvedere Senior Housing, remarking on the kind and welcoming people he has met since his very first day there.

“I came here in February of 2018, and in the two and a half years I’ve been at Belvedere, I’ve come across a lot of good people,” he said.

With COVID-19 weighing on everyone’s minds, especially residents and staff who care for them every day, Cunningham has learned there are people all around him to turn to in times of need. From individual walking time slots to essential personal protection equipment (PPE), Belvedere has put into place vital protocols to keep residents and staff safe.

“I don’t believe this will be over until we have a vaccine,” Cunningham said. “So, all the precautions and rules that have been put into place over the past few months have been for everyone’s best interests.”

Cunningham is the father of two children and the grandfather of three, a role he is most proud of in his life. He enjoys the Saturday Movie Nights Belvedere hosts for residents every week and playing in trivia competitions. He also has been a contributor to the Belvedere Times.

“My life here has been really good, I’ve enjoyed it,” Cunningham said.

For more information about Belvedere Senior Housing, please visit https://www.gardant.com/belvedereseniorhousing/.