A Belvedere Senior Housing Employee Spotlight: Nancy Klisiak

A Belvedere Senior Housing Employee Spotlight: Nancy Klisiak
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: January 28, 2020

Working on the administrative side of things requires a certain creative perspective that a lot of people take for granted. Nancy Klisiak has been in the medical field since 1979. She’s worked in hospitals and surgical centers, she is a certified doula, she worked in administration at a psychiatric office, and she’s now business office manager for Belvedere Senior Housing. 

“I guess you could say I’ve been in all the different genres of the industry,” Klisiak said. “The first leg of my career was very hands-on, and this leg is now more hands-off, behind the scenes. But I still have that background that gives me the best handle on the details.”

In every role she’s served, Klisiak has learned something new and applied that knowledge in her next role, and in life.

“I have loved every single job I’ve had because I’ve learned something in each one,” she said. “I appreciate that I’m able to use that experience to provide the best service possible to the residents here.”

Klisiak has been part of the Belvedere team since the community opened in August of 2017. Since then she’s embraced ways of enriching both her specific role and the culture at Belvedere Senior Housing. 

“You know, handing out statements is not always the most fun,” she said, laughing. “But helping someone solve a financial problem, or apply for Medicare, or work alongside them so that they’re financially able to live here is very rewarding.” 

For most people, moving to an assisted living community is not an easy transition to make. Belvedere Senior Housing recognizes this, and gives special consideration to the occasion. On move-in day, the Belvedere team stages a ribbon-cutting ceremony for each new resident, offering them an official and celebratory welcome. This is something Klisiak particularly admires.

“As soon as you see them move in, cutting the ribbon and unlocking their doors with their keys, and you see a smile on their face, you know it was all worth it,” Klisiak said. “It’s a new chapter in their lives, and it should be an exciting one!”

Klisiak said Belvedere team members strive to communicate that level of encouragement in every interaction, with every resident.

“We treat our residents with warmth and compassion, rather than coldly and clinically,” she said. “Yes, they will have certain clinical needs met here, but this is also going to be their home. It’s going to be comfortable and fun, too.”

Klisiak recently became a grandmother for the first time. While her son lives in Florida, Klisiak had the pleasure of spending ample amounts of time with her baby granddaughter when he and his family traveled home for about five months.

“It was just so wonderful having them back up here, and to get to experience that time in her life,” Klisiak said. “I was so fortunate to see her growing and changing at this age, and to spend so much time with her.”

Although it was difficult parting ways again, Klisiak said she can’t wait to see her granddaughter again and felt privileged to have been present for this early stage of her life. She compared the experience to the residents’ at Belvedere, and how each phase of life brings changes that are bittersweet.

“We want to help make this chapter of the residents’ life as wonderful as possible, and frame it in such a way that they can look at it and smile,” she said. 

This is where Klisiak’s creative perspective comes into play.

“You have a certain amount of choice when it comes to living your life, be it in your career or your circumstances or where you live,” she said. “There’s something wonderful in everything, and you can choose to focus on that as much as you’d like, or not.”

For Klisiak, there are a lot of wonderful things in Belvedere.

“Belvedere is a community where people from different cultures and communities can come together as a diverse group and learn from each others’ differences, and celebrate those differences,” Klisiak said. 

“And even though I work here, I feel as though I’ve found some very good friends among these residents.”

For more information about Belvedere Senior Housing, visit https://www.gardant.com/belvedereseniorhousing/.